08 september 2021 "Bayadere" of the Burgas Opera With Success In Varna As Well

Last night /September 7/ the Summer Theater in Varna witnessed an exciting performance of one of the most attractive performances of the Burgas Opera - the ballet "Bayaderka" to the music of Ludwig Minkus, staging and directing - Vesa Tonova, assistant director - Galina Kalcheva, who is also a tutor of the ballet ensemble, assistant director - Petar Tiholov. The production of the State Opera - Burgas is the winner of the prestigious award for special achievements in the field of ballet - "Golden Muse" for 2019 and was presented with great success, both in Burgas and on other stages in the country.
Dramatism, tearing jealousy, fateful tragic love - under the sign of the blessing of the gods who bind doomed souls even in death - diverse and strong feelings and emotions were conveyed through the means of ballet to the audience tonight at the picturesque Summer Theater in Varna. The theater in the Sea Garden of Varna is famous for its natural green decor, giving an incomparable atmosphere and aesthetics to the performances on the open stage in the sea capital.
Last night, the prima ballerina Ivanina Ivanova was extremely emotionally impactful and sculpted the subtle nuances of the tragic image of Nikia - the beautiful bayadere, doomed her heart to the brave warrior Solor. The role of Nikia's favorite was played by the prime minister-ballet dancer Emil Yordanov - brilliantly balancing between technique and emotion, routine and spontaneity.
After her successful debut in Burgas in August as Gamzati - Nikiya's rival for Solor's love, soloist Polina Ivanova was perfect on stage again - both as a presentation of the complex ballet part, and as a sense of stage partnership, and as a force. of the constructed image.
As the Golden God on the stage of the Summer Theater - Varna was Teodor Tsakov - precise and attractive in the role, characterized by high technical difficulty. In the image of Magadaya was Daniel Tichkov - temperamental, exact in every detail. Svetlan Nikolov played the role of Bramin on the Varna stage, Raja was Branimir Nedkov, Gamzati's Maid - Sofia Lovdzhieva, who in August this year also had a successful debut on the Burgas stage.
In the spectacular ballet production, which - due to the specifics of the open green Varna stage, could not be presented with its full brilliance of the overall decor, participated the wonderful, professionally prepared and distributed on stage: Natalie Ivanova, Iva Ovcharova, Anelia Ivanova, Ivana Fialkovska, Sabina Koseva, Raya Chakarova, Patricia Soares, Bianca-Helen Giovanelli, Maria Gabarova, Elena Georgieva, Kiril Filipov, Stefan Tipikov, the artists from the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas and alumni of NUMSI "Vladige" Prof. Pancho - Gergana Georgieva, Natalie Georgieva, Nikol Marenova, Elizabeth Dimova, Simona Marinova, Teddy Dimitrova.
At the end of the successful performance on the Varna stage, flowers were presented to the soloists by young beautiful fans of ballet, as well as a special gift for the ballet dancers on behalf of the company "Kochev Klima" LTD.
The audience, which respected the art of the ballet dancers from the State Opera - Burgas - despite the cold weather, sent them to their feet, and among those present were many children from ballet schools in Varna - a good choice of teachers and parents to touch the young artists with art and performance. of the highest class.
For the overall successful vision of the show, everyone who worked on the "quiet front", providing the technical support of the show - stage workers, cashier, sound engineers, lighting, costume designers, props, make-up artists, etc., has an indisputable role.
Varna was hospitable tonight. And beautiful - as usual.
And the event was the last of the oversaturated summer season of the State Opera - Burgas.
At the end of September, the new Season 2021/2022 starts.
Let's wish it to be just as successful and to be under the sign of the calm realization of creative ideas ...

Photos: State Opera - Burgas
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