12 november 2021 "Careerists" Sounds Relevant On The Burgas Stage On Monday

In election time, in even more confusing realities - not only locally, but also globally, the messages of the musical by Parashkev Hadjiev "Sluzhbogontsi", which will be presented on Monday, November 15, from 19:00 in the hall of Burgas Opera. All events, configurations of shameless aspiration to power, in order to ensure a "cloudless future", easily accessible and excluding qualities and personal upgrading, sound so relevant in the comedy satire based on the libretto by Bancho Banov, based on the comedy of the same name by Ivan Vazov. Grandpa Vazov is a well-known connoisseur of our people's psychology, which, alas, is unwaveringly stagnant, even in some respects - suffering regression, and today ... However, art is like a balm for existing wounds, even just to help us realize the root causes of them ...

The performance of "Sluzhbogontsi" guarantees mood, fun interpretation of eternally current topics, verbal puns, artistic presence, absurd situations and sincere laughter with a sarcastic-bitter-instructive character ... And the refrain: "Service, service, small, big, from you there is no better! " sounds as if with today's date, completely in sync with modern "values" ...

The director of the production, who asks eternal questions and discusses painful topics in a fun way, is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev, assistant - directors - Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov, the scenography is by Ivan Tokadzhiev, the costume designer is Chavdar Chomakov, a conductor of people - Nevena Mihayova, the dances are the work of Galina Kalcheva, concertmaster - Hristo Belchev.


Loaded with genuine mood and artistic jokes, the production will be presented on Monday with the inspired and distributed stage presence of the soloists: Petar Tiholov, bass, in the role of Minister Nikola Baltov, soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, as his naive enthusiastic daughter Slanava Anichvo, S, mezzo-soprano - grandmother Donna, baritone Yordan Hristozov - Stancho Kvasnikov. The guest Marcho Apostolov, tenor, appears on the Burgas stage in the role of the careerist with a charming smile and backward thoughts Horov. The bass Diman Panchev debuted as the attractive Bozduganski, the soprano Shmilena Sultanova will be in the role of the charming Terziyska, Lyudmila Mihailova, soprano, enters the image of the pretentious lady with refined taste Shiykova. The mezzo-soprano Lina Peeva will be the super-comic Poliksena, Vessela Apostolova - the modest girl from the people Stoyanka, Nikolay Nikolov - Iliya, Miroslav Dimitrov - Dramkov, Valyu Totev - Chalkanov, Alexander Perperliev - Kakavidov. The attractive musicals of the people, the ballet and the orchestra of the Burgas Opera, under the baton of maestro Svetoslav Lazarov, also take part in the attractive musical.

The guest conductor Svetoslav Lazarov, who did not fail to mention during the rehearsals for the upcoming performance of "Sluzhbogontsi" his wonderful impression of the work with the orchestra of the Burgas Opera, graduated piano at the State Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”with Prof. Atanas Kurtev and conducting at NBU with maestro Igor Bogdanov and Deyan Pavlov. He grew up in the family of the composer of the work "Sluzhbogontsi" Parashkev Hadjiev and the opera prima Lyudmila Hadjieva, brought up in the spirit and creative atmosphere of this home, heir to the traditions bequeathed by the generation that left golden pages in the Bulgarian music school. Svetoslav Lazarov and not only a conductor, but also a wonderful pianist and organist. He is currently conducting mainly the musical production of the National Opera and Ballet - Sofia.

"Parashkev Hadjiev's music is melodic, but also too modern for its time, it should not be forgotten," said the composer's stepson, who worships the talent of his spiritual father and is grateful for the upbringing received in the artistic environment of his home. "It really was a home with a strong artistic spirit and presence, which is still felt," Svetoslav Lazarov said in an interview with BNR. - It was constantly played and sung. When he wrote something new, Parashkev Hadjiev immediately played it to me and my mother. Many big names in music culture, artists and artists, in general, have come to visit us. Many art evenings, as they say now, were at home.

Tickets for "Sluzhbogontsi" can be found at the box office of the Opera, at the box office "Clock" / in front of the hotel "Bulgaria" /, as well as in the networks of Grabo and Eventim, in the links to the events in the program:

https://operabourgas.com/bg/programme on the official website of the State Opera - Burgas, as well as on-site at the Opera before the event.


According to the requirements of ORDER RD-01-856 / 19.10.2021 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria, the concert will take place under the conditions specified in the Order.