16 november 2021 "Careerists" Filled The Opera Hall With Mood And Fresh Jokes

The day after the elections - the third in a little more than half a year, completely in line with modern absurd situations, the musical by Parashkev Hadzhiev "Careerists" was presented at the Burgas Opera. The messages of the libretto by Bancho Banov, written in the play by Ivan Vazov, sound so relevant and reflect the characteristic features of our folk psychology. Looking at it, one has the feeling that it is as if it is written nowadays.
Both funny and slightly sad findings are made during the show, and as a residual feeling is the bitter taste of realized truths under the camouflage of comedic situations, revealing each of the characters in their characteristic light.
And the refrain: "Service, service, small, big, there is nothing better than you, you stand, rest, shaking your legs, and get paid again!" sounds still relevant ...
The soloists, orchestrators, and artists of the choir and ballet ensemble of the Burgas Opera under the baton of the guest conductor Svetoslav Lazarov, who grew up in the family of the great Bulgarian composer Parashkev Hadzhiev, wrote the magnificent and modern-sounding score of the musical "Careerists"
Today's show was marked with unadulterated mood and intelligent presence of each of the participants. And laughter - healing and purifying, was guaranteed and for those present will be a much-needed charge for the cold late autumn days and complex realities, saturated with overdoses of stress.
The director of the production, which brilliantly reflects our time, although the action in Vazov's play takes place in the early twentieth century, is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev, assistant directors are Lina Peeva and Peter Tiholov, the scenography is by Ivan Tokadzhiev, costume designer is Chavdar Chomakov, choir conductor - Nevena Mihaiyova, the dances are the work of Galina Kalcheva, concertmaster - Hristo Belchev.
They had a lot of fun on stage - recreating Vaz's messages and artistically interacting with each other, conveying the mood to the audience, were the soloists:
Petar Tiholov - in the role of Minister Nikola Baltov, Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova - as the minister's daughter Anichka, Srebrina Slavova - grandmother Dona, Yordan Hristozov - Stancho Kvasnikov, Marcho Apostolov / guest / - Horov, Diman Panchev - Bozduganski / debut /, Shmilena Subltova - Terziyska, Lyudmila Mihailova - Shiykova, Lina Peeva - Poliksena, Vesela Apostolova - Stoyanka, Nikolay Nikolov - Iliya, Miroslav Dimitrov - Dramkov, Valyu Totev - Chalkanov, Alexander Perperliev - Kakavidov.
There was a spark of mood - both with a smile and a dose of a lesson.
Words of gratitude for the dedication deserve all participants in the wonderful musical evening - on stage or "behind the scenes" - and the conductor, and artists, and musicians, and employees of technical services, who contributed to another successful performance of the Burgas Opera, held in an unusual time. But that is why the joy of success and admiration of the audience, which, despite the new conditions, continues to support those for whom the recognition of their work and artistic input is the most valuable attestation for quality creative work.
At the end of the performance, the traditional flower basket was presented on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.
Details and video - expect on the official website of the Burgas Opera:

Photos: State Opera - Burgas