20 august 2022 "Carmen" Closed The "Opera of the Sanctuary

After such events, the words do not come by themselves, but rather let the raging emotions inhabit the consciousness and rearrange the experience on the shelves of memory, which - only after being shared with oneself, could be told...

OPERA ON THE SANCTUARY'22 - CARMEN / OPERA ON THE SANCTUARY'22 - CARMEN - on the evening of August 20th at the Thracian sanctuary of Begliktash - mysticism meeting the highest parameters of art - under the clear starry dome of Strandzha and under the baton of the outstanding maestro Ivan Kozhuharov Ivan Kozhuharov, not only the magnificent soloists, musicians, choir and ballet created an exciting spectacle. And it was as if Nature sang in the same tonality and welcomed the told tragic story - about suddenly ignited love, uncontrollable passion, black jealousy, ominous predictions on cards that reflect the unknown plans of Fate, ruin, death...

A wonderful solo ensemble: Daniela Diakova, Kostadin Andreev, Valeri Turmanov Valeri Turmanov, Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova, Delyan Slavov Delyan Slavov, Miglena Slavova  Lina Peeva, Branimir Nedkov  Yani Nikolov, Kostadin Mechkov, a wonderfully balanced choir with conductor Nevena Mihailova, who also performed complex artistic tasks on unusual terrain, precise, inspired, focused, brilliant in details orchestra players - with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, whirlwind ballet artists - with artistic director Galina Kalcheva, who on the complex "podium" had an impeccable, remarkable level of technical support and the complex organization of the open terrain in the middle of the mountain - here is the place to thank the impeccable tone directing work provided by Eng. Kiril Yanev and "Studio Balkanji", and attestation for the quality of their equipment and professionalism is the fact that they have provided or sounding of Sonia Yoncheva's concert with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra at Alexander Nevsky Square in Sofia on August 31, 2021. As always, the organization on the part of the Municipality of Primorsko was at the usual level - all components of a high-quality performance were present. Congratulations also deserve the director, Assoc. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev - for the wonderful adaptation of the production to the difficult terrain, not sparing the attractive scenes with choir and ballet - they were combined both on the specially built stage and on the megalithic rock formations; assistant directors Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov; the pianist Mira Iksrova, for Srebrina Slavova, responsible for the subtitles on the two screens located in front of the audience; Kalina Popova - make-up and wigs, all the employees of the technical services, the organizers of the Burgas Opera, who, together with the representatives of the Municipality of Primorsko, ensured comfort during the reception, accommodation, and departure of the guests. Congratulations are also due to the wonderful emotional and prepared for an event of a similar rank international audience, among which there were guests from Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland, the Scandinavian countries, etc.

In the magnetic image of the wayward of famous passionate gypsy Carmen, who is the object of strong feelings, insane jealousy leading to a fatal outcome, was the amazing mezzo-soprano Daniela Diakova. She has never hidden her bias and emotional connection with this complex dramatic role. Her thick and rich voice, with a wealth of timbre nuances, is extremely suitable for the controversial image she built on the stage under the stars of the Thracian megalithic sanctuary of Begliktash in one of the most beloved operas.
Daniela Dyakova made her debut in this role in 2007, and since then Carmen has imperceptibly become her signature performance. And the masterful stage adaptation of the work by Associate Professor Dr. Alexnader Tekeliev, in this holy place, plunged the audience into a magical world.
"You know, this is an extraordinary plot, the daring, rebellious, free-spirited, dangerous Carmen, who captivates everyone around her, and I think that such a fire will give birth to the opera itself in this place. It's really something different, more broken. The stage is made on several levels, and there is also a separate stage on which some of the actions will take place," Daniela Dyakova said before the performance in an interview with BNR.

After the memorable performance in the role of Calaf in the opera "Turandot" by Giacomo Puccini on the stage of the Summer Theater in Burgas - on July 22 of this year, the famous tenor, the soloist of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, who began his successful creative path at the stage of the Burgas Opera - Kostadin Andreev, was like a whirlwind of emotions as Daniela Dyakova's stage partner - in a passionate duet of suddenly ignited love, uncontrollable passion, black jealousy and an internal struggle with a call for revenge, which logically led to a tragic end. He entered the dramatic role of Don Jose, faced with a tearing choice between the uncontrollable passion for the freedom-loving beautiful gypsy Carmen and the debt to family and beloved. The tenor was amazing on the stage of Begliktash, which has an aura of magic and carries messages from ancient times.

In the role of the temperamental bullfighter Escamilio - the handsome man who captures the attention and heart of the wayward coquette Carmen, the attractive young baritone Valery Turmanov was irresistible on the open stage in the Thracian sanctuary. With his appearance on the rocks of Begliktash and the famous "Couplets of the Bullfighter," he caused an explosion of applause.

In the image of the pure-hearted girl Mikaela, who has devoted love for Don Jose and her heart is filled with noble impulses, the beautiful soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova entered, whose role is, as it is customary to say in artistic circles, "to measure".

In the attractive image of Captain Zuniga, who has an important role in the dramatic ending of the action, was the charismatic bass Delyan Slavov. The soprano Miglena Slavova /guest/ made a magnificent debut in the role of Frasquita, Carmen's friend, who sang with Oscar success in the opera "Ball with Masks" at the Opera of the Sanctuary festival the previous week. Successfully fitting into the emotional arc of the dynamic action - with artistry and professionalism in vocal terms, the following distinguished themselves: the mezzo-soprano Lina Peeva, as Mercedes, Carmen's friend, the baritone Branimir Nedkov and the tenor Yani Nikolov - as the smugglers Dancairo and Remendado, as well as the bass Kostadin Mechkov - as Sergeant Morales.

Congratulations to everyone who created the magical reality of "Carmen" in the magical place!

At the end of the successful non-standard outdoor performance, a basket of flowers was presented on behalf of the mayor of Primorsko - Dr. Dimitar Germanov, who attended the event that closed this year's "Opera of the Sanctuary" festival.
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Photos: State Opera - Burgas
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