22 july 2021 "Favorite Russian Romances" Delights Fans Of Romantic Music

After the successful series of chamber concerts at the Flora Exposition Center in the summer of 2020, this year the State Opera - Burgas continued the good tradition with the Flora Party series. The first event was on June 18 - the concert performance with songs from American musicals - "Music Of The Night".

On Saturday evening, July 24, at 8.30 pm in the open space of the Flora Exhibition Center in the Sea Garden of Burgas, fans of Russian music will have the opportunity to attend a musical event that combines the best of Russian musical culture, incomparable as emotional impact and romantic sound. The concert performance "Favorite Russian Romances" is an idea and script by the soloist of the Burgas Opera Diman Panchev, bass, and combines popular musical titles from Russian folk songs, unforgettable melodies from Russian film classics, as well as Russian and gypsy romances.

The soloists of the State Opera - Burgas Lyudmila Mihailova, soprano, Yordan Hristozov - baritone and guitar also take a special part in the rich and diverse genre program. The concertmaster of the orchestra of the Burgas Opera Yordan Kovachev, violin, takes a special part. As part of the overall mood and color of the concert program of "Favorite Russian Romances" participate: pianists Daria Krasteva and Nina Reichel, Yakim Yakimov - vocals and guitar, Vessela Apostolova, Kalina Popova, and Stefka Hristozova - vocals

Visitors to the cozy space of the garden in the Expo Center "Flora" will hear in the premiere program of the concert:

"If I took a bandura", "A blizzard goes down the street", "Suliko", "Lark", "Night", "White acacia", "Wait, locomotive", "Call me quietly by the name", "Cranes", "Your Majesty", "Lieutenant Galitsin", "Alexandra", "Along with St. Petersburg", "Moscow Evenings", "Mint, Tsokhachernye", "Black Eyes" and others.

Components of the concert are skillfully combined - from the overall concept to the stylish stage vision and sound

The Flora Party in the Summer 2021 program also includes: "Toast" - on August 13, as well as the baroque concert "Time Travel" - on August 28.