19 july 2021 "Kiss Me, Kate!" With The Last Performance In Burgas

One of the most attractive Broadway musicals - "Kiss Me, Kate!" To the wonderful music of the American composer Cole Porter will be played for the last time in Burgas - due to the limited number of performances with purchased copyrights - on 22 July, Thursday, from 20.30 on the stage of the Summer Theater - Burgas. The musical event is part of the program of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2021, realized by the State Opera - Burgas and the Municipality of Burgas.

The charismatic soloists of the Stefan Makedonski National Musical Theater - soprano Edelina Kaneva and Marcho Apostolov - will perform on stage on Thursday. With the memorable premiere of the musical, which is staged for the first time on the Bulgarian stage, the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2019 was closed with purchased copyrights. The musical was presented with great success on various stages in Bulgaria, the apogee was the full hall of the National Theater in November 2019 and the standing audience at the finals. Next week, selected moments from "Kiss Me, Kate!" Will be presented at the festival "Days of Classics" 2021 in Balchik.

In the large-scale production of "Kiss Me, Kate!" The whole ensemble of the Burgas Opera takes part - soloists, orchestra, choir, ballet, and the end result is scale, glamorous stage show, but with taste and measure. The charge of the production - under the masterful direction of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev, unfolds gradually in the stage action, passing through different moods and states of mind. Unobtrusively, with lively humor and fresh irony, the script follows the thread of spiritual catharsis, which reveals answers to eternal life questions - the power of traditional values, the heart choice that is not influenced by conjuncture, external pressure, and prejudice, the value of love and friendship. The scenography and costumes of Denis Ivanov are avant-gardes, revealing the different angles of mental states and relationships between the characters and the messages hidden behind the scenes.

The musical "Kiss Me, Kate!" Is based on Shakespeare's comedy "Taming the Shrew" and has not left the Broadway stage for 70 years. It intertwines two main plot lines - the effect of "theater within theater", which is a prerequisite for exciting stage twists and dizzying action, passing from scene to scene. The action of one plotline takes place in Shakespeare's time, and the other - in the middle of the XX century.

On July 22, Tsanislav Petkov stood behind the conductor's desk to recreate, together with the orchestra of the Burgas Opera, the beautiful musical score of Cole Porter. Despite his 31 years, he already has a serious professional background - with opera and operetta titles, children's performances, and concert programs. The conductor of the choir is Nevena Mihailova, concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev.


The choreography of the ballet, which is an integral part of the stage action, is by Zhelka Tabakova. The role of the assistant directors Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov is also important for the construction of the finished look of the performance, which the audience will see in the main roles on the stage as well.

The film star with a stubborn character Lily Vanessi / Katerina in the plotline of "Taming the Shrew" will be the soprano Edelina Kaneva. She will perform on the stage of the Summer Theater in a brilliant stage tandem with Marcho Apostolov, who plays Fred Graham / Petruchio. Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova, soprano, will be the wayward beauty, Lois Lane / Bianca. Baritone Branimir Nedkov will play the role of Bill Cullen / Lucenzio and will show complex artistic skills. In the other roles, the Burgas audience and the guests of the city will see: in the image of Harry Trevor / Baptista / father of the "stubborn" Katerina / will be the bass Delyan Slavov, the charming and sweet wardrobe of the movie star Lina Vanessi - Hetty will be Lina Peeva of Paul, who is preparing a musical surprise for the audience - the baritone Yordan Hristozov. Diman Panchev, bass, and Miroslav Dimitrov, tenor, play the funny roles with a crime-comic tone of the First and Second Gangsters. Peter Tikholov will play the role of the senior senator - sponsor of the theatrical performance "Taming the Shrew" and a candidate for the hand of the movie star Lily Vanessi - Mr. Harrison Howell. In the roles of Bianca's fans / in the plotline of "Taming the Shrew" / will be: Hortensio - Lyubomir Todorov, Gremio - Milen Dinolov, Ralph - Alexander Perperiev. Valyu Totev appears on the stage of the Summer Theater in the image of the doorman.

Tickets for "Kiss me, Kate!" Can be found at the box office of the Opera, at the box office "Clock" / in front of the hotel "Bulgaria" /, as well as in the networks of Grabo and Eventim, in the links to events in the program: HTTPS: // operabourgas.com/bg/programme on the official website of the State Opera - Burgas, as well as on-site at the Summer Theater before the event.


According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, the permissible capacity of presence in the Summer Theater is 50%.