17 october 2019 "Kiss me, Kate!" Received Applause On the Burgas Again

            On October 16th, at the Opera House, the musical "Kiss Me, Kate!" took the path of his stage life - hopefully long, transcending the euphoria of premiere fever.
           The staging has eased, the actors have enriched the nuances of their stage incarnations. There is a density, thoughtfulness of every detail, building more self-esteem, backed by conscious artistry and emotional impact. There was a balance in the interaction between the characters, an overflow of emotions - in the overall construction of the images, a gradation of mood, a look from above - on the whole, "chessboard" of what was happening on stage.
         The performance was marked by style diversity, fully within the parameters of the refined taste. Amusing plot twists alternated, which at the same time were logically paid for. The creative charge, cumulated with the talent of the singers, was also palpable. The staple of stage magic and emotional impact came out tonight.
         The Burgas audience applauds the soloist of the National Music Theater "Stefan Makedonski" Marcho Apostolov - as "the tamer of the shrew" Fred Graham / Petruchio. Shmilena Sultanova made a remarkable debut in the role of the movie star Lily Vanessa / Katerina. Nona Krastnikova was no less brilliant, confident, and influential - like Lois Lane / Bianca. Branimir Nedkov upgraded his performance to the premiere performance - with more confidence and artistry. The role of pathetic Harry Trevor / Baptista debuted Veselin Spasov. Darina Zapryanova was a graceful and charming Hattie, Yordan Hristozov - traditionally entertaining and presenting multifunctional talents. Diman Panchev's gangster role this time was in a funny tandem with debutant Yani Nikolov. All the other artists on the stage - Peter Tiholov, Milen Dinolov, Lyubomir Todorov, Alexander Perperiev, Valyu Totev, together with the orchestra, people and ballets of the State Opera - Burgas, created an elegant occasion for an escape from the stuffy diary - turning the ordinary life into original. and fresh colorful fairytale reality.
      It is worth noting that the direction of Alexander Tekeliev is a balanced subtle, up-to-date intelligent reading of the classic Shakespearean comedy Taming the Ugly. The director has resorted to avant-garde solutions and has put a whole lot of thought into the configuration of the stage movements, the play of shadows, and the messages beyond the visible.
    Admiral also deserves maestro Tsanislav Petkov, who is increasingly confident in conducting the difficult score. In absentia, "behind-the-scenes", tonight's spectacle was attended by - with their creative achievements, set designer and stylist costume designer Denis Ivanov, choreographer Zhelka Tabakova, choral conductor - Nevena Mihaylova, assistant directors Lina Peeva and Peter Tiholov / who the scene was the fiancé of Lily Vanessa - Harrison Howell.
    "Kiss me, Kate!" / Kiss Me, Kate /, based on music by American composer Cole Porter, will be playing at the Ivan Vazov National Theater, Sofia, on November 19th at 7 pm. The invitation is sufficient attestation for the directing and artistic qualities, as well as for the professional level, of the Burgas performance.
Photos: Rusalen Mihaylov