09 february 2023 "Love Story" For Valentine's Day At The Opera House

Despite winter realities and troubled weather, there is always time and space for good thoughts and happenings. On the eve of Valentine's Day, wine and the pursuit of beautiful relationships and reciprocity - on February 13, Monday, at 7 p.m. in the hall of the Burgas Opera, the State Opera - Burgas has prepared a delightful concert for its loyal fans, under the title "Love Story" . With their artistic presence, personal charm, and professionalism, the soloists will shine on the stage of the Burgas Opera: mezzo-soprano Joana Kadiyska and tenor Yani Nikolov.

The festive concert on Monday will be under the baton of Maestro Deyan Pavlov, who successfully conducted another exciting project of the State Opera - Burgas - "A Tale for Two", with Edelina Kaneva and Orlin Goranov, which triumphed on various stages in Bulgaria. then he was behind the conductor's desk of "Piazzola - the last concert", with soloist the outstanding young bandoneonist Stoyan Karaivanov, as well as of the comic opera "The Beautiful Elena" /which he will conduct on and on February 17 of this year in the Opera hall/, Ioana Kadiyska and Yani Nikolov will also take part in the show - as Beautiful Elena and Paris./

On February 13, led by maestro Pavlov, the soloists and the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas, with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, will create the aesthetic appearance of the exciting concert performance "Love Story". The guests of the event will be transported to the romantic years of the most beloved French films, bearing a sophisticated attitude to the "things of life" and the relationship between a man and a woman, such as are almost non-existent in modern pragmatic realities.

The charismatic young soloists of the Burgas Opera - the winner of the First Prize of the First National Competition with international participation in "Stoyan Popov" 2022 - the city of Burgas - Ioana Kadiyska and Yani Nikolov, with successful performances in a number of roles and concert performances, will captivate the audience with the beautiful-emotional sonority and melody of the French language, which is not by chance crowned as the "language of love". They will sculpt a musical-verbal beauty that will be imprinted in the emotional memory of those who have experienced the messages of "Love Story".

The concert program will feature music from the films that remain in the treasury of classic French cinema: "Moulin Rouge", "Fantomas", "Chatovalon", "Love Story", "A Man and a Woman", "The Fugitives", "Wings or Doll", "Tehran 1943", "Obsession with Grandeur", The Doors of the Night", "Cherbourg Umbrellas", "The Policeman of Saint Tropez", "Paris Keeps Singing", "The Toy", "The Fathers", "Knock on Wood" ", "The Tall Blond Man with the Black Shoe" by the French composers M. Legrand, V. Cosmas, F. Le, M. Man, C. Saint-Saëns, J. Aurick, J. Cosmas, M. Polnarev, G. Garvarenz, Sh. Aznavour, M. Monnó, R. Lefebvre.

Fluids of love, beautiful music, sophisticated worldview and perception of reality, as well as touch with favorite melodies that have gained worldwide popularity, will be guaranteed in the Opera House on Monday evening. The shared sense of festivity will be palpable for everyone – performers and audience alike. In the concert performance, nostalgic moods and ecstatic states of mind will alternate, as accompany the characteristic metamorphoses of love - fancied, denied, waited for, desired, and actual.

Treat yourself to a warming holiday emotion on the eve of Valentine's Day, wine, and adoration for the tenderness of feelings - on a cold February evening, with the concert performance "Love Story" in the hall of the Burgas Opera House!

For its loyal fans, the State Opera - Burgas has prepared a special surprise - after the end of the concert, in the lobby of the Opera there will be an opportunity to toast with a glass of fine organic wine from the cellars of Thracian legends - as a compliment from the wine producers: https://www.thracian -legends.com/.


Tickets for the "Love Story" concert can be purchased at the box office of the Opera, the "Chasovnika" box office /in front of the "Bulgaria" hotel/, on the Grabo networks https://grabo.bg/burgas/kontzert-frensko-kino-0vrh6vq

and Eventim https://www.eventim.bg/en/tickets/drzhavna-opera-burgas-zala-opera-burgas-1332584/performance.html