11 october 2019 The Marriage of Figaro Lifted the Burgas Audiance To Their Feet

The overall mood of the Opera House tonight was in the tone of Eternal Art - as a collective expression of the classical elegance of Mozart's music and the filigree sculpted solo roles.
The comic opera The Marriage of Figaro, whose libretto was inspired by the comedy of the same name by Pierre Beaumarchais, presented a brilliant amalgam of catchy mood, funny twists, alternating misunderstandings, an elegant unraveling of the plot in a happy and instructive ending.
The audience was genuinely entertained, watching - with a remarkable emotional response, what was happening on stage, the storylines, and the interaction of the characters.
The continuing applause after the brilliantly presented performance was an unambiguous attestation of the intelligently presented Mozart Opera - with style, artfully presented vocal and instrumental expression, and an unadulterated stage mood.
The role of Count Almaviva - charming but subtle, insistent, but ultimately "tame", was the baritone Valeri Turmanov - with a strong artistic presence and charisma. As Countess Almaviva, brilliant, gentle, and influential, she was Nona Krastnikova, soprano with beautifully sculpted solo arias. The role of the charming and funny Susanna was soprano Maria Tsvetkova - Madzharova - exquisite, precise in interpretation and super-emotional. Like Figaro - bright and memorable, it was Kostadin Mechkov's bass. Lina Peeva, a mezzo-soprano, in the role of Pagan Cherubino, created a lot of funny situations on the stage that provoked spontaneous laughter. In the role of Marcelina - with dignity and beautiful vocal interpretation, was the mezzo-soprano Joanna Kadiyska, who built the image with enviable mastery, though the young singer had to enter the character of a much older lady than herself in the plot. The bass player Diman Panchev presented himself artistically and with a fresh sense of humor in the role of the charming Dr. Don Bartolo. With a great mood, the roles of Don Basilio and Don Curzio were recreated by tenor Nikolay Motsov - guest. Peter Tiholov, in the role of gardener Antonio and Stefka Hristozova, as his daughter Barbara, also played an indispensable place in the overall picture of the show.
The conductor of the magnificently presented performance was the young maestro Tsanislav Petkov, who coped with the challenge of conducting the music of Mozart, which is a real professional test for every conductor and musician - as a requirement for toning, building a fine phrase, finesse, lightness. And as a sophisticated curtsey to viewers who were given the aesthetic pleasure of a high sample.
The solo arias, recitals, duets, ensembles, large-scale scenes, in harmony with the orchestral interpretation, were truly impressive and masterfully presented - as emotional filling and inner gradation, as balanced sound and taste for detail.
The Opera Hall tonight received a celebration of classical music, which was built by brilliant soloists, in sync with the orchestra and people of the State Opera - Burgas, no less brilliant.

    A strong start to the new showroom was the performance tonight.
    Good luck and forward to the troupe of Burgas Opera!

    Photos: Rusalen Mihaylov