24 august 2019 "Don't Go Away, Summer!" in Tsarevo

The concert was among the natural decor of the beautiful coast of Tsarevo Traditionally, the composition of the State Opera - Burgas takes artistic part in the Summer cultural holidays of the Municipality of Tsarevo, which are a gathering center for many qualitative events and a kind of arts festival. And, at the end of the summer, which we do not want to leave, the composition of the Burgas Opera, with the famous soloists Edelina Kaneva and Orlin Pavlov, and guest soloists Ivo Dukov - piano and Dimitar Zhelev - drums, sang in the tone of nostalgia for the passing warmth. in the summer season the stylishly selected songs of the concert performance "Don't go away, summer ..." In the beautiful scene on the Tsarevo coast, among the natural decor of the picturesque coast, reminiscent of the romantic exotics of the island of Capri, the music of Gershwin, Frank Sinatra, the beloved songs " Brilliantine, as well as Piazzolla's temperamental tangos, were an unforgettable aesthetic gift for the numerous onshore viewers who had the chance to attend a unique experience! Admiralty for the Municipality of Tzarevo and personally for the Mayor Georgi Lapchev - for the attitude to the musical art, as well as gratitude for the opportunity given to the composition of the State Opera - Burgas to participate in the unusual and exciting concert performance, among the natural beauty of the southern seaside town, in the wonderful shape the contemporary outdoor scene. Shining and memorable were the soloists and orchestras of the Burgas Opera, who infused the pleasure of music playing in the general wave of festive mood. The concert performance "Don't go away, summer ..." is the idea of ​​Yulia Manukyan, her concept is the multimedia, which complements the overall vision of the musical jewel. The orchestrations, as well as the traditionally artistic presence behind the conductor's console, are the work of maestro Levon Manukyan. Burgas State Opera is waiting for new artistic performances in the beautiful coastal area in Tsarevo!