26 may 2022 "Oscars in Music" With Success in Plovdiv

Those present at the concert Oscars in MUSIC on the open stage of the Summer Theater "Bunardhika" - Plovdiv tonight were symbolically translated through the iconic red carpet of Hollywood - with soundtracks from favorite movies, winning the most prestigious award for works of art. Oscar ".
Under the baton of maestro Levon Manukyan, the beloved actors Militsa Gladnishka and Filip Avramov, in addition to incredible artistic skills and a sense of successful interaction with the audience, also showed great singing qualities.
All components of a quality music and artistic event were present on the Plovdiv stage - captivating versatile talent, wonderful improvisational whims, tastefully selected music program, exciting accents through multimedia, presenting footage from films whose popular musical themes sounded, masterful orchestra, a wonderful sound created by the professionals from the orchestra of the Burgas Opera, spontaneous reactions from the audience, festive mood. The original script and cleverly compiled multimedia of the "Oscars in Music" are the work of Julia Manukyan.
The program, which featured real hits, included musical themes from "Beauty and the Beast", "The Wizard of Oz", "Jaws", "Tarzan", "James Bond", "Armageddon", "Rocky", "Doctor Zhivago". "," The Godfather "," The Lord of the Rings "," Schindler's List "," Breakfast at Tiffany's "," La La Land "and others.
Congratulations, in addition to the two popular soloists and maestro Manukyan, deserved and concertmaster Hristo Belchev, Daria Krasteva - piano, Kiro Ivanov - drums, and all orchestras of the Burgas State Opera, employees of technical services, provided the overall vision of the concert.

Photos: Diana Barkacheva and personal archive