10 may 2021 "Patilantsi" Cheered Up Children And Adults on Saturday

On Saturday morning, May 8, both young and old recalled the famous stories from "Patilan's Kingdom" by Ran Bosilek, with the beloved characters - Patilancho, Baba Tzotzolana, and the Patilants, adapted in the musical for children by Alexander Yosifov, based on the libretto by Bancho Banov - "Patilantsi".
The story, which came to life on the stage of the Burgas Opera, caused a sincere bouquet of happy smiles in the children and their parents.
The conductor-producer of the entertaining children's spectacle is Yordan Dafov, the direction is by Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva, the scenography - by Ivan Tokadzhiev, the dances are the work of Galina Kalcheva, assistant directors - Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov.
On Saturday morning in May, the youngest spectators watched with interest the funny incidents with Baba Tzotzolana, Patilancho and the Patilan party - Ghana, Dana, Gancho and Dancho, together with the clever Tiger - in the serious role - the dog Laura / who chases "bears" / disguised patilanets / and finds "lost" bags / hidden for a noble purpose by the patients /.
Today in the Opera Hall the eternal and loved by all generations history was presented by: Magdalena Georgieva - as Baba Tzotzolana, who earned the title Baba Patilana in the final, Darina Zapryanova - in the role of Aunt Stanislava, who makes wonderful cakes, Petar Tiholov - as Uncle Gogo, the barber, whose hobby is to play the guitar, Uncle Strati - Alexander Perperiev. The very leader of the glorious Patilachno company - Patilachno, was Branimir Nedkov. Vessela Apostolova took on the role of Dana, Radostina Kranteva took on the role of Ghana, Milen Dinolov played Dancho, and Miroslav Dimitrov played Gancho. Ballet dancers from the troupe of the State Opera - Burgas also took part in the musical, with the special participation of the dog with a high IQ - Laura.
All the artists, although they had not played the show for a year and a half, were safe, fresh, fun, and played with undisguised pleasure.
The audience appreciated him and rewarded him with applause during the show. And at the end, there were a lot of willing children who wanted to take pictures with their favorite characters.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas.