03 october 2020 "Pinocchio" Delights The Youngest Аudience Оnce Again

On Saturday / October 3 / in the Opera Hall the youngest spectators and their parents touched again - through the children's opera by Alexander Yosifov "Pinocchio", staging, directing, costumes, and makeup - Denis Ivanov, to the beautiful kaleidoscope of a beloved fairy tale plot, characters who have acquired dimensions of inalienable in the process of upbringing and growth, emotionality, dramatic-comic twists in the plot, and, of course, the ubiquitous lesson - that no matter how old we are, we can not forget the basic virtues of which we were taught as children - to be with pure thoughts, to create meaningful deeds, to turn our backs on selfishness, to be devoted, to keep the trust in the Good, which in the face of the Blue Fairy, fulfills our deepest desires…
"Pinocchio" is the eternal tale of hope, fulfillment, homage to the power of the Light beginning ...
Well done to all artists and artists who have created a colorful, lavish, influential fairy-tale reality on the stage of the State Opera - Burgas!

Conductor - Tsanislav PETKOV
Directing, scenography, costumes, and sculpture - Denis IVANOV
Pinocchio - Branimir NEDKOV
Malvina - Stefka HRISTOZOVA
Dzhepeto (Father Carlo) - Petar TIKHOLOV
Lisana - Lina PEEVA

The Cat - Miroslav DIMITROV
Uncle Monti - Diman PANCHEV
Harlequin - Milen DINOLOV
Pulcinella - Vesela APOSTOLOVA
Carabinieri - Ivan GROZEV
Bartender - Alexander PERPERIEV
Judge - Veselin SPASOV
Doctor - Veselin SPASOV
Photos: State Opera - Burgas