06 june 2021 "Primadonna-Donna-Donna" With A Prize In "Event Of The Year"

On Sunday, June 6, at 5 pm on BNT, the specialized show for classical and jazz "Eternal Music" was broadcast, with author and host Mario Nikolov. The prizes in the annual ranking of the show "Music Event of the Year" 2020 were officially announced.
The project of the State Opera - Burgas - the concert performance "Primadonna-Donna-Donna!", Soloists: Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova - soprano, Nona Krastnikova - soprano and Joanna Kadiyska - mezzo-soprano, on the piano - Mira Iskarova, host - Delyan Slavov, was ranked by the viewers of the Bulgarian National Television in third place.

Thank you to everyone who voted for the Burgas Opera project!

The full recording of the show: