11 february 2021 Snow White&the Seven Dwarfs Delighted The Children At The Opera

After the creative break, the State Opera - Burgas created an occasion for a festive mood of the children with the performance "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to the music of Atanas Kosev, who recently left our world, leaving a legacy of his wonderful work. The children's audience followed the exciting plot of the story with which we, the adults, grew up and with which we told our children - about Snow White, her evil and vengeful stepmother, about the seven dwarfs - Professor, Kihlyo, Smeshko, Lyubopitko, Vseznayko, Marmorko, and Тhe Kid who accept the beautiful girl with a snow-white face and ebony-black hair in their world of kindness, tolerance, a sense of duty and mutual aid.
Spontaneous, stormy, and full of children's purity and faith in the good end of each story, were the reactions of the children's audience - students from the school "A.G. Kodzhakafaliyata" and children's private classrooms.
When the action of the scene began, they held their breath and watched the whole action carefully, reacting to the dramatic connections in the plot that everyone knows, but each time and again empathize with the vicissitudes of the good girl with a difficult fate, haunted by her evil stepmother. but protected by the noble dwarves. In the end, the children in the Opera Hall loudly expressed their joy at the happy ending of the story, as the only remark I heard in the hall was that "in the movie, the prince kisses Snow White, and here he forgot." What is important is a good instructive ending, which gives hope that good can rule not only in fairy tales but also in real life - if we respect the values ​​in which we are brought up.
Today in the Opera Hall the tale of Snow White and the Dwarves was told by the soloists: Shmilena SultanoThe director of the play for children is Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva, the scenography is by Ivan Tokadjieva, the dances are the work of Galina Kalcheva, Assistant Directors - Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov. Artists from the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas also took part in the performance for children. Snow White was Smilena Sultanova, Lina Peeva - as the Queen, in the image of the Prince - Savior of Snow White - Milen Dinolov / who entered the role and the Mirror /, The narrator was Nikolay Nikolov, The Professor - Kalina Popova, Kihlyo - Miroslav Dimitrov, Smeshko - Alexander Perperiev, Lyubopitko - Vessela Apostolova, Vseznayko - Petar Tiholov, Marble - Sofia Lovdzhieva, The Kid - Maria Dobreva.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas