14 may 2021 "The Wedding of Figaro" With Great Success At the Opera Hall

Three hours of splendor tonight at the "Wedding of Figaro" - with exquisite taste and finesse of Mozart's music, the professionalism of all artists, conductor, orchestrators, accompanists, technical services and ... with the special participation of the Burgas audience, which was not only numerous but showed and taste, as well as attitude to classical art and respect for the great work of all who created the musical jewel in the hall of the Burgas Opera!
The comic opera, whose libretto is based on the comedy of the same name by Pierre Beaumarchais, presented a brilliant amalgam of jokes, funny twists, gushing mood, and the elegant unraveling of the plot in a happy and instructive finale.
The production is directed by Prof. Pavel Gerdjikov, the choir conductor is Nevena Mihailova, the concertmaster is Vanya Zlateva, the artist is Chavdar Chomakov, the sculpture is by Grisha Roglev, the assistant directors are Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov.
The audience was a real partner in the artistic evening, watching - with an emotional response, what is happening on stage, the elegant lines in the plot development, and the fun interaction between the characters.
The conductor of the beautiful performance, fully sustained in the style of the Mozart era, was Tsanislav Petkov. He mastered with skill and ease the challenge of conducting Mozart's music, which is a kind of professional test - as a requirement for tone extraction, the elegance of the phrase, aristocratic finesse, ethereality. And as an exquisite homage to the spectators, who were given the aesthetic pleasure of high quality.
The soloists deserved admiration on May 13 in the Opera Hall: the bass Kostadin Mechkov, who built a bright image like Figaro and was stable, confident, and dignified on stage. The soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova was an exquisite Suzana, extremely precise in her interpretation and extremely funny - as reactions and played situations on the stage. Nona Krastnikova, soprano - Rosina / Countess Almaviva / presented herself as a dignified aristocrat, with style and presence and brilliantly sculpted her solo arias. Lina Peeva, a mezzo-soprano, created a number of funny situations, causing spontaneous laughter in the audience, created in the role of Page Cherubino. The baritone Branimir Nedkov made a very strong debut, with a bright artistic presence and elaborate vocal elements and lines - in the role of Count Almaviva, an insidious magician, with undeniable influences on women, insistent, but ultimately "tamed" and re-educated, through a cunning plan. The debut for the mezzo-soprano Kalina Popova was also successful and bright - artistic and confident in the role of the cunning Marcelina, who turned out to be Figaro's mother. Tenor Yani Nikolov also made a strong debut in the roles of judge Don Curzio and music teacher Don Basilio - the characters were built very well vocally and lined with the necessary dose of humor. Admiration was also deserved for the bass Diman Panchev - who built with mood and finesse the role of Don Bartolo, who turned out to be Figaro's father in the plot development. The bass Petar Tiholov, in the role of the gardener Antonio, and the soprano Stefka Hristozova - as his daughter Barbarina - also had an important place in the overall picture of the performance.
The overall atmosphere in the Opera Hall on Thursday evening (May 13) sounded in the tone of the Eternal Art - as a collective expression of the classical elegance of Mozart's music and filigree sculpted solo roles.
The unceasing applause after the performance (the audience began to return to the hall, after more than a year of fear and uncertainty) was an unequivocal attestation for Mozart's intelligently presented opera - with style, exquisite vocal and instrumental expression, and an infectious mood. The applause for the pianist Raina Popova, who appeared on the stage at the end of the performance, was also deserved. Professionals like her work diligently on the so-called "quiet front", which is invisible to the general public, but indispensable - as a meaning, role, and significance for the detailed production of works by artists and achieving a complete stage product with high quality. Raina Popova is an equal partner of the soloists in building the roles and understanding the essence and messages of each of the images, in their full stage brilliance. Last but not least, the exquisite scenography and magnificent costumes in keeping with the spirit of the times are worth noting. Last but not least, the exquisite scenography and magnificent costumes in keeping with the spirit of the times are worth noting.
The solo arias, recitatives, duets, ensembles, large-scale scenes with the choir, in harmony with the masterful orchestral interpretation, were truly impressive - as an emotional impact and follow the inner gradation, as a balance in sound and refined attitude to detail.
Last night in the Opera Hall there was a celebration of the classical musical art, which was built by the brilliant soloists, in sync with the orchestra and people of the State Opera - Burgas, no less brilliant.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas

Expect a video from the performance!