02 august 2021 More Than 250 People Were At the Latino Pulse on the Island

At the end of the last windy day in July, the island of St. Anastasia was conquered not only by natural whirlwinds but also by the passionate rhythm of Latino Pulse. The concert performance under the masterful baton of Svilen Simeonov created a unique combination of Latin temperament, the charge of southern rhythms, beautifully combined with violin solos, performed by Ralitsa Petkova - just as exquisite as the music coming from the strings touched by her. reflecting her psychic vibrations.
A stylish element of "Latino Pulse", which complemented the overall impression of the concert program charged with a storm of emotions, were the performances of artists from the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas, choreographed by Galina Kalcheva. As always, maestro Svilen Simeonov, author of the arrangements and screenplay, managed to convey to the large audience / over 250 people who filled every possible space on the island, including, according to representatives of the electronic media "Flagman", present on the island in the concert evening - politicians, diplomats, prominent representatives of the cultural circles / overflowing emotionality and charge, reflected as in his conducting skills. The maestro is known for his incomparably casual way of communicating with the audience - conveying the mood, messages, warmth, temperament, and sensual charge of the musical scores.
Admiration for the orchestra of the Burgas Opera - despite the unfavorable natural conditions, the orchestra proved its professionalism and qualities - to play optimally well, under any circumstances. The wind was calling to them, but this fact, not uncommon for an island scene, was even an effect on the overall look and sound of the concert.
The program featured some musical motifs, under the sign of the South American temperament. An emotional accent was the leitmotif from the film "Schindler's List", beautifully performed by the violinist Ralitsa Petkova and the orchestra of the Burgas Opera, conveying the tragic messages of Steven Spielberg's masterpiece film.
The audience jumped with the emotion generated on the island stage, some of the guests of "St. Anastasia" danced, merged with temperamental rhythms, and the four encores at the end of the concert program were the best attestation for the success of the concert - expected, considering everyone. " involved "...
The improvised inclusion of the governor of "St. Anastasia" Pavlin Dimitrov at the end of the concert in the role of a conductor was also a surprise. Maestro Simeonov generously ceded his baton to the governor, and the orchestra followed him without any problems - like true professionals.


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Photos: State Opera - Burgas