05 may 2022 More Than 300 Children Applauded "Patilantsi" In Provadia

Over 300 children from the town of Provadia enthusiastically welcomed the artists from the State Opera of Burgas, who presented the musical for children by Alexander Yossifov Alexander Yossifov / Alexander Yosifov "Patilantsi" on the stage of the Community center "Aleko Konstantinov".

The children followed the well-known and beloved story of Patilancho, Baba Tzotzolana, Dana, Ghana, Dancho, Gancho, Aunt Stanislava, Uncle Gogo, and Uncle Strati, as well as the smart dog who played a key role in the plot development - Tiger / in the role - dog Laura /.
The responsive and emotional audience, sincere smiles, and invigorating mood satisfied with the created atmosphere, and the recognition of artists - this was the characteristic of today's performance of "Patilantsi".