08 february 2023 Over 300 Students From "K. Petkanovi" School In YThe Opera

More than 300 students from the primary classes of the "Konstantin Petkanov" Secondary School - Burgas were not only present but also directly involved in the interactive presentation of the educational concert "Orchestra, instruments and sound" of the Burgas State Opera today from 12:30 in the hall of the Burgas cultural institute. The moderator was Iliyana Gabeva, a musician from the orchestra of the Burgas Opera, an oboist. She presented the educational part, giving basic knowledge about the main instruments in a symphony orchestra, eruditely but also with a casual approach to the children's audience, fresh, entertaining, and with a sense of humor and improvisation - according to the questions that arose from the audience, which turned into a direct participant in the concert, which took on the appearance of an open lesson in a concert format. The students from the Burgas school showed a marked interest in the individual instruments, each of which was presented - through a short motif, by the respective musician playing it. Host Iliana Gabeva also introduced the children to a short biography of the genius composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose "Little Night Music" was performed by the orchestra twice - the second time as a conductor was an inquisitive third-grade student who earned this privilege due to his active participation and the correct answers to the questions asked during the educational concert. All musicians were sympathetic to the idea of the educational function of such events. Host Iliana Gabeva invited the students and their teachers to visit the children's performances of the Burgas Opera, where they will meet beloved fairy-tale characters.
Organizer: Diana
Berkacheva Photos: State Opera - Burgas