21 march 2023 Over 350 Children Cheered "Patilantsi" In Smolyan

Today, the artists of the Burgas State Opera are guests on the stage of the Rhodope Drama Theater "Nikolay Haitov" - the city of Smolyan with two exciting events - the children's musical performance "Patilantsi" to the music of Alexander Yosifov, and the concert performance "Morricone - the cinema in notes".
After a 6-hour journey to the distant destination, the professionals from the Burgas Opera were at their traditionally high level.
"Great show! More than 350 children attended.
There was thunderous applause, and the children were very happy with the puppy - it was as if they were participating in the show!" said Diana Berkacheva, an organizer at the Burgas Opera.
10 days ago, the children's musical "Patilantsi", a production of the State Opera - Burgas, was also warmly welcomed during its visit to the full "Sliven" hall in the City of the Hundred Voivodes.

March 21, 2023, 3:00 p.m., RDT "Nikolay Haitov" - Smolyan
Conductor - producer Yordan DAFOV
Director - Darina Glavanakova Bakardzhieva
Scenography - Ivan TOKADJIEV
Dances - Galina KALCHEVA Galina Kalcheva
Assistant directors: Lina Peeva, Petar Tiholov
Baba Tsotsolana – Magdalena GEORGIEVA 
Aunt Stanislava - Darina Zaprianova 
Uncle Gogo - Diman Panchev 
Uncle Strati - Alexander Perperiev
Patilancho - Branimir Nedkov 
Dana –  Kalina Popova
Ghana –  Stefka Hristozova
Dancho - Milen Dinolov
Gancho - Miroslav Dimitrov
In the role of Tiger - a dog Lady

With the participation of the ballet of the State Opera - Burgas

Photos: Diana Berkacheva