24 february 2023 Over 700 Students From "Elin Pelin"School visited "Pinocchio"

For a consecutive day in February, the Opera hall was on an emotional wave, charging the children's audience, and for two consecutive performances, which were attended by over 700 students from the elementary and junior high school classes of the "Elin Pelin" Elementary School - Burgas, with the director - Mr. Pepa Zapryanova Pepa Zapryanova.
The grateful children's audience once again rewarded the artists, who had the opportunity to take a short break between the two performances, with thunderous approving applause, but this did not affect their enthusiasm, energy and professionalism on stage.
During the two performances, the students reacted spontaneously to the action and lines of the characters - funny or containing the necessary lesson.
Once again, there was a wonderful interaction between the audience and artists - both emotionally and meaningfully - following the logic of a children's fairy tale, which is also loved by adults.
The traditional question at the end of the children's performances: "Did you like it, children?", was heard - after the two performances, a powerful "Yes!!!".
It is this authentic feedback that is the most valuable recognition for the artist's work, as well as for all the "behind the scenes" specialists who carry out the overall presentation of each title.

February 24, 2023, 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., hall of the Burgas State Opera

Directing, scenography, costumes, and plastic - Denis IVANOV 

Pinocchio - Branimir NEDKOV

Malvina – Stefka HRISTOZOVA 
Geppetto (Father Carlo) - Petar TIHOLOV
Lisana - Magdalena GEORGIEVA 
Kotaran - Miroslav DIMITROV
Uncle Monty - Diman PANCHEV 
Harlequin - Milen DINOLOV
Pulcinella – Vesela APOSTOLOVA
Carabiner - Ivan GROZEV
Bartender – Alexander PERPERIEV
Judge - Diman PANCHEV
Doctor - Diman PANCHEV

Organizer -- Diana BARKACHEVA

Photos: State Opera - Burgas