30 july 2020 А brilliant performance of "The Bat" Аt Тhe Summer Theater Аgain

On Tuesday evening / July 28 / the Summer Theater of Burgas was on the exquisite wave of the Viennese waltz, the brilliant music of Strauss-Son, and the magnificence of the stage charisma of those who created another musical celebration on the Burgas stage - the brilliant soloists, the filigree phrases. of the orchestra - with a remarkable debut of the conductor Tsanislav Petkov, the magnificent artistic ensembles of the choir - with conductor Nevena Mihaylova, and the ballet, with tutor Galina Kalcheva, technical services - the stable background of each production, all inspired by the stage life of a beautiful classical tale in an updated version.

The star cast of "The Bat" delighted the senses - with vocal qualities, interpretive skills, professional development, vision, style, charm and stage presence. Opera prima Edelina Kaneva played the role of the beautiful and intelligent Rosalinda, who gives a good life lesson to her husband, known among the secular circles for her frivolous behavior and even a dose of irresponsibility, as well as her tendency to flirt with charming members of the fairer sex. , testing their charm and learned techniques, successful among the ladies. Eisenstein / in the role - Marcho Apostolov / is provoked and "tamed" by women's cunning, wit and finesse. In fact, in the overall development of comic operetta, the conclusion is that every man needs a smart woman to realize his true place and role.

As Adela, Rosalinda's beautiful maid, with ambitions to become an actress and play on the big stage, was the soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova, who two weeks ago made an outstanding debut in the role of Leonora from Giuseppe Verdi's opera The Troubadour. partnership of the world-famous tenor Kamen Chanev. She built the role with lightness, natural charm, modern elements to the vision and measured behavior, characterized at the same time by ease, naive smile, combined with talent and sincerity. Brilliantly constructed and woven into the overall mood and directorial concept, there were also: Lina Peeva in the role of Ida, the tenor Yani Nikolov, with a successful debut in the image of Alfred, the insistent suitor of Rosalind; Dr. Falke - Yordan Hristozov, who built his image with a lot of humor, Miroslav Dimitrov, as the funny and absurd in his behavior Dr. Blind, Kostadin Mechkov, who also debuted successfully in the role of Frank, director of the prison, inadvertently caught in the fun development of the action full of discrepancies and twists; the soprano Shmilena Sultanova, as Prince Orlovski, who organized the fabulous New Year's ball, at which all those present performed one of the most famous musical motifs from "The Bat" - the bravura "Toast"; and Peter Tiholov - like the funny Frosch. The orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas, with concertmaster Yordan Kovachev, performed at a level, easily performing the difficult-to-score score of Strauss-Son - under the baton of conductor Tsanislav Petkov, who made an impressive debut for the title behind the counter.

The production, which is in line with current European stage trends, is by Hans Nieuwenhuis. The director is Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva, the scenography and costumes are by Madis Nurms, the assistant director is Lina Peeva. The conductor of the choir, who was a worthy partner of the soloists and the orchestra in the overall construction of the performance, is Nevena Mihaylova, the dances that brought a dynamic aesthetic accent to the performance are the work of Nedko Georgiev. The spectacular production includes the artistic ensembles and ballet of State Opera - Burgas.

The audience was generous with emotions during the show and applause that followed each brilliant performance. At the end of the musical evening, which was another event within the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov", the traditional flower basket was presented on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos and video: State Opera Burgas