25 august 2019 Hundreds Sang and Danced on the Island with ABBA Songs

This August evening, still summery but with a taste of its most beloved season, was the last appearance of Fr. "St. Anastasia" from the series "Coupon on the Island", realized by the State Opera - Burgas.
The audience shared the incredible multi-sounding emotion of the ABBA Mania concert performance.
Under the electrifying with indisputable professionalism and stage hus of the maestro Svilen Simeonov, who united the best - like performance, of the orchestras of the Burgas Opera, the jazz formation "Sofia" and the soloists Adriana Benova and Yana Chakalska / known to the general public by "Voice of Bulgaria" "/ reincarnated in the legendary Lambs and Ani-Fried of one of our most beloved pop groups, created an explosion of emotions!
Despite the real danger that the concert would not take place because of the turbulent sea today, which may also be rebelling because of its summer going on, however, both the musicians and the large crowd have made it to the coveted island.
And there was a memorable party - the dancers were everywhere and the mood was colorful and festive.
The unprecedented hits of the most popular Swedish pop band - Mamma Mia, SOS, Money, Money, Money, The Winner Takes It All, Voilez-Vous, Waterloo, Thank You For The Music and more beloved tunes all sounded parallel to the wind and the singing public and gifted the attendees with an unparalleled emotional charge that only good music can create.
Among the guests on the island of St. Anastas was noticed the deputy mayor of Burgas Municipality Dr. Loris Manuelyan, whom Maestro Simeonov congratulated especially on his chosen ABBA song and joke message, journalists, public figures, musicians.
Maestro Svilen Simeonov, as always, was humorous, communicating with the audience in a casual and intelligent way, and both soloists successfully impressed him - in the verbal complement of the exciting musical performance.
As always, there was a symphony orchestra - an honor for classical musicians presenting their art in halls with good acoustics to play outdoors when the risk of the wind scattering the sheet music and sending them to the seas - to make music, is more than real.

The concert ended with an equally beloved song from the 80's - the iconic The Final Countdown of another legendary Swedish band - Europe. The whole audience was on their feet.
And the coupon really happened!

We are still waiting for the next summer season, when the State Opera - Burgas has prepared a surprise in the program, envisaged for an increasingly successful tourist destination - St. Anastasia Islan