05 november 2021 Amazing Performance Level At The Symphony Concert On Thursday

In the midst of a dramatic event that concerns us all, art has once again proved that it is not a panacea, but an indisputable way to reduce stress, to alleviate fear, even just in contact with the eternal messages of classical music. The symphony concert on Thursday evening / November 4 / was an event in the cultural life of Burgas. Sufficient attestation for a concert of the highest class was the artistic presence and virtuoso performance, subordinated to the deep emotional experience and optimal merging with the musical text and suggestions of the world-renowned cellist Atanas Krastev, under the baton of the exceptional, as Krastev himself defined, young Tsanislav Petkov. The Concerto for Cello and Orchestra by Edward Elgar in E minor, opus 85, is emblematic of the musical literature created for the beautiful dense timbre of the cello, with its characteristic hue of breadth and saturation of sound and dramatic nuances alternating with nostalgic beauty. The young cellist Atanas Krastev told the audience - through the complete re-creation of the messages embedded in the musical text, a beautiful story - an exciting novel that runs across the emotional spectrum - from suppressed timid thoughts, bubbling anxiety, passing through doubts, inner gradation of pain, dramatic opposition between reason and feelings, as well as emerging nuances of self-confidence based on awareness of inner strength and potential. The virtuoso young musician achieved an amazing touch to the strings, which sang in the tone of tenderness and strength at the same time. And not only the technical perfection was indisputable during his performance when the quiet audience followed his every move and breath. And the emotional filling and ideological saturation were palpable, argued with interpretive maturity and a wide range of inner experiences and aspects of the creative "I" of Atanas Krastev, whose talent and charismatic presence are not accidentally appreciated on world stages. Worthy partners in the performance of the Cello and Orchestra Concerto by Elgar were the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas with concertmaster Vanya Zlateva, under the expert and inspired baton of maestro Tsanislav Petkov, who showed not only precision and insight into the overall emotional tone of the work. and the apparent pleasure of playing music with a performer at such a remarkable level. The program of the concert also included Symphony No. 4 in B flat major, opus 60, by Ludwig van Beethoven, which is characterized by a lighter sound and messages from its predecessor - the Third Symphony of the Viennese classic - "Eroica", considered by the world conductor community for "the greatest symphony of all time", and the iconic Fifth Symphony of the genius composer. Among the audience, which honored the significant musical event, despite the difficulties of an objective nature, were regular visitors to events of the Burgas Opera and graduates of the National School of Music and Performing Arts "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas. As a sign of respect for the talent and work of the musicians, the traditional basket of flowers was presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov.
Photos: State Opera - Burgas
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