13 february 2024 Anastasia Popova In The Role of Lisa in "La Fille Mal Gardee"

A highlight of the February program of the State Opera - Burgas is the highly entertaining ballet production "The Badly Protected Girl" to the music of Louis Herold and directed by Galina Kalcheva - on February 17 at 7 p.m. in the Opera Hall. The role of Lisa is played by Anastasia Popova, laureate of the First International Ballet Competition "Sara-Nora Prima" /July 4-9, 2023/. In addition to the second prize in the highly contested competition program, the young ballerina from the Sofia Opera and Ballet received an invitation from Assoc. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev, Director of the State Opera - Burgas, for a tour on the stage of the Burgas Opera.

On February 17, fans of ballet art will have the opportunity to follow the fascinating story with comic elements and a typical "French taste for life", with impressive visual effects, wonderful scenography - the work of the acclaimed master Ivan Tokadzhiev, and magnificent costumes created by the talented young costume designer Yana Dvoretska, as well as the wonderful artistic presence of the entire ballet troupe of the Opera.

The two premieres of the latest ballet title in the repertoire of the Burgas Cultural Institute were on April 7 and 29, 2023. and were a success as expected. The audience appreciated the performance saturated with emotions, dynamics, exquisite musical motifs, and color, carrying vital messages and energizing mood - due to the skillfully woven humor in the drama. Burgas connoisseurs of fine art and guests of the city had the chance to relive the excitement caused by the mastery of superb soloists, a wonderfully assembled ensemble, and life-affirming messages of the comic ballet, at the performance on June 13.

The choreography and direction of "The Badly Protected Girl" are by Galina Kalcheva. The ballet production contains original elements and an approach combining classical techniques with innovative ideas. The assistant director of the production is Petar Tiholov, and they are an indispensable part of structuring the overall glamorous appearance of the performance. The scenographer of the new title is the acclaimed professional in the field Ivan Tokadzhiev. The atmosphere of a French rural idyll, recreated through the scenography, will be created on February 17 on the stage of the Burgas Opera again - authentically, with style, a sense of the taste and attitudes of the audience, with the characteristic French culture of finesse and attention to every detail.

The loving couple Lisa and Kolen will be recreated on the Burgas stage on February 17 by Anastasia Popova and the premier ballet dancer Daniel Tichkov, who also danced at the premier performance last year. The comedy-parody character of the strict widow Mama Simone will again be presented by Teodor Tsakov, who built the image with a whirlwind and a fresh sense of humor during the three previous performances. Although the widow Mama Simone plans to marry her beautiful daughter to the rich man's son Nicez, love prevails over guild principles and the lovers triumph. The premier ballet dancer of the Sofia Opera and Ballet and State Opera - Burgas, Emil Yordanov, re-enters the role of Nikez, as he did at the premiere performance in April last year. m. June 2023. The young Italian ballet dancer Francesco Pio Russo, who was in the lead role in the premiere children's ballet performance "Palechka" - at the end of 2023, together with the Japanese Nanako Sato, makes his debut in the role of Thomas, Nicez's father. /both are members of the Burgas Opera/. And Mama Simone, whose stern heart is softened by the tender feelings of the young, receives her fateful bonus – the heart of Thomas, father of the unfortunate Nikez. And at the end of the French fairy tale, there are not one, but two weddings. And minuet, gavotte, and barrel merge into a single dance of love...


Artists from the ensemble of the ballet troupe at the State Opera - Burgas: Lisa's friends: Yana Berduta, Ilina Konstantinova, Rafaela-Maria Kuhl, Kalina Nedelcheva, Nanako Sato also participate in the sumptuous production. Laya Ramon et al.

The superbly constructed costumes, which add a catchy element to the humorous plot, are in aesthetic-sense harmony with the style of the scenography. They are the work of Jana Dvoretska, an artist with a vision for a modern aesthetic based on the best of the classical canons. The time devoted to structuring the overall appearance of the production and sculpting the details - to a brilliant finish, has had its undeniably positive result, and this was palpable at the two premiere performances. The production exudes true love for the created art - with talent, dedication, and empathy for the common cause. Galina Kalcheva's direction is refined - like exquisite French lace, in which every link is in its place, sculpting the overall appearance.

The visual effects are also impressive, recreating a storm in the field – with remarkable credibility and impact on all levels of perception. The soloists and artists of the ensemble fit seamlessly into the overall picture of a French rural idyll, which brings unadulterated joy - simple, natural, with a breath of hay and a taste of the sweetness of life.

Beauty, professionalism - in every detail, excitement, embodied in the presentation of the vital spectacle, which is like the much-needed dose of joy in the workday and incomparable aesthetic delight - this is the short business card of the new ballet production of the Burgas Opera "Badly Protected Girl". The production settles down, gains momentum, and is enriched with new overtones, giving a richer and more complete look to the spectacular ballet, which is on the wave of French finesse, immediate joy from life's gifts, pure feelings, not subject to external interference and material incentives. The ballet performance is like a gift to the audience, to cause a sincere smile, and admiration - from the talent transformed into exquisite movements, as a message to seek more immediate joy - in everyday life, holidays, thoughts, and relationships.

Those present in the Opera hall on Saturday will feel the inimitable atmosphere of contact with art of the highest sample - one that gives meaning, stimulates, and ennobles. The sincere laughter generated by the whirlwind plot, intertwined with a series of comic situations, combined with beautiful music and graceful movements, is the surest way to escape from reality and accumulate energy - until the next contact with art...