11 august 2022 Anelia Dimitrova Shines As Kitri In "Don Quixote" On Monday

Fans of the fine art of ballet will have the opportunity to enjoy again one of the largest ballet productions - "Don Quixote" to the music of Ludwig Minkus - on August 15, Monday, at 8:30 p.m. on the stage of the Summer Theater - Burgas. The performance is another one from the calendar of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2022, realized by the State Opera - Burgas, with the partnership of the Municipality of Burgas.
The premiere performance of the ballet "Don Quixote", to the music of Ludwig Minkus - on June 7th at the Summer Theater - Burgas, was an expected success. The Burgas Music Festival was officially opened with the performance, in which the prima ballerina of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, Marta Petkova, in a brilliant partnership with the premier ballet dancer of the Sofia and Burgas Opera, Emil Yordanov, was a guest. Another successful performance of the sumptuous ballet production followed - with Sofia Opera and Ballet soloist Kristina Chochanova and Emil Yordanov in the lead roles - on June 28, also on the outdoor stage in the Sea Garden of Burgas.
In the performance on August 15th, Anelia Dimitrova, prima ballerina of the State Opera - Stara Zagora, and Daniel Tichkov, the premier ballet dancer of the Burgas Opera, will play the leading roles of the charming Kitri and Basil. The prima ballerina of the Stara Zagora Opera is visiting for the third time this season 2021/2022 on the Burgas stage. She was a magnificently temperamental Pahita in the ballet of the same name by Ludwig Minkus - in April, and Nikia, touching with the power of the emotions and messages conveyed - in "Bayaderka", also with music by Minkus - in May, on the stage of the Burgas Opera House. as well as during the visit of the Burgas troupe with "Bayaderka" at the "Stefan Kirov" Drama Theater - Sliven.
The premiere ballet dancer of the State Opera - Burgas, Daniel Tichkov, is well known to the Burgas audience, and his stage partnership with prima ballerina Anelia Dimitrova is expected to present the audience at the Summer Theater with a bouquet of whirlwind experiences, presented with mastery, professionalism, and a strong emotional charge.
The wonderful production of "Don Quixote" is by Galina Kalcheva - director of the impressive large-scale ballet extravaganza choreographed by Marius Petipa and Alexander Gorski. The magnificent scenography, recreating the Spanish lifestyle and color in a unique way, is by Ivan Tokadzhiev. The bright and attractive costumes, which fully match the idea of ​​the sets, are the work of the talented young artist Yana Dvoretska, who has created as many as 82 original stage costumes for the premiere, masterfully sewn by the Burgas Opera wardrobe. The assistant director of the impressive production is Lina Peeva. The level of technical provision of the show is also high - the sets and special effects are impressive and in line with the modern world trends in stage art.
The general opinion of the new product is that a delightful combination of rhythms colored by passion and a whirlwind of emotions has been achieved. "Don Quixote" has a complete appearance, synchronized idea, music, artistic messages, and inspired performance - under the sign of true mastery. Fluids combining beauty, dynamism, and southern passion radiate from all the performers.
The multi-colored feast for the senses will be built by dozens of performers on Monday evening at the open stage in Primorski Park. The entire multi-colored extravaganza on the stage of the Summer Theater for the performance on August 15 will be created - through dynamics of movements and skillful delivery of emotional messages. In addition to the attractive soloists Anelia Dimitrova and Daniel Tichkov, the audience at the Summer Theater of Burgas will have the pleasure of seeing a brilliant cast of artists in the roles in the performance on August 15. The characteristic roles, requiring acting skills, of the emblematic couple from the novel by Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, include Peter Tikholov - in the image of the Knight of the Sad Image, in the role of his faithful companion in chivalrous deeds - Sancho Panza, will be Yani Angelov. The Burgas audience will see Teodor Tsakov and Natalie Ivanova /debut/ - as Espada and Mercedes. The two attractive ballet dancers will skillfully recreate the Spanish temperament - through the various swirling dances. As the Mistress of the Dryads - impactful, stylish, convincing, and respectful, will be the young ballerina, winner of numerous national and international awards, who already has several successful roles in performances of the State Opera - Burgas - Emona Georgieva. She also danced at the premiere performance as well as at the performance on June 28th. Sabina Koseva - as Amur, also for the third time in the role - will once again excel on the stage at the Summer Theater with a gentle and enchanting stage presence and artistry. Dynamic and charming will be on the stage of the Summer Theater Daniela Turtumanova-Stoyanova and Yana Berduta /debut/ - as Kitri's Friends. The characters of Basil's Friends - Kiril Filipov and Anton Ivanov - promise a true southern air and temperament. As a ball of sensuality and dynamism, Iva Ovcharova and Kiril Filipov will perform in front of the audience in the passionate Gypsy dance. As Kitri's father – Lorenzo, Svetlan Nikolov will have a colorful presence on the stage, and the attractive Sofia Lovdzhieva will play the role of the Innkeeper. Also intriguing is the image of Gamache, the famous conceited nobleman who unsuccessfully fights for the heart of the beautiful Kitri - played by Daniel Dimitrov.

In "Segidilya" in the I picture on the stage of the Summer Theater on August 15th, the following will appear:
Iva Ovcharova, Ivana Fialkovska, Patricia Soares, Simona Marinova, Elena Georgieva, Maria Gabarova, Bianka-Helen Giovanelli, Gergana Georgieva, Kiril Filipov, Deyan Dobrev, Anton Ivanov, Hristo Dobrev.
In the attractive Dance of the Toreadors /picture, I/ southern passion and dynamics are brought by: Deyan Dobrev, Hristo Dobrev, Kiril Filipov, Stefan Tipikov, Anton Ivanov, Anelia Ivanova, Sabina Koseva, Tedi Dimitrova, Ilina Konstantinova, Kalina Nedelcheva.
In "Antre" /picture V/ are: Iva Ovcharova, Sabina Koseva, Ilina Konstantinova, Emona Georgieva, Gergana Georgieva, Natalie Georgieva;
in Spanish dance - Anelia Ivanova, Maria Gabarova, Bianca-Helen Giovanelli, Patricia Soares, Elena Georgieva, Kiril Filipov, Stefan Tipikov, Deyan Dobrev, Anton Ivanov, Hristo Dobrev.
Colorful and fresh is the presence in the large-scale spectacle of the graduates of the ballet classes of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - the city of Burgas and Children's Ballet Theater "Kapka", participating - extremely responsibly and in sync with the mastery of the other performers, in the beautiful fairy-tale scenes, in which dryads rule - mythical forest creatures, patrons of trees.
In the beautiful, dynamic production of "Don Quixote", the artists from the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas achieve a traditionally high-performance level, dedication to the stage, and remarkable synchronicity
Tickets for "Don Quixote" - at the box office of the Opera House, the "Chasovnika" box office, at the box office of the Summer Theater - before the event, as well as in the Grabo and Eventim networks.