29 november 2021 Aristocracy, Beauty, Finesse, And Splendor In "Wiener Blut"

After the boutique charm of the concert show "Primadonna-Donna-Donna !!!" on Friday night, on Saturday, the Opera Hall was in the glamorous role of a Viennese ball with the operetta by Johann Strauss-son "Viennese Blood" - directed by Mario Nikolov.

Apart from attractive scenography and amazingly beautiful costumes, hairstyles and make-up / by Kalina Popova /, impressive in the style of the era, the performance on Saturday night was also under the sign of an unadulterated mood and first-class artistic cast. As Count Tsedlau - with a real noble posture and artistic presence, the director of the production Mario Nikolov - tenor/guest / presented himself on the stage. The role of Countess Gabriela Tsedlau was played by the beautiful soloist of the Musical Theater "Stefan Makedonski" Valentina Korchakova - with a dizzying look and elegant dresses, befitting a lady from high society.
The soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, who was a real artistic whirlwind on the stage, entered the image of the charming dancer Frantsiska Cagliari. In the role of Prince Ipsheim-Hindelbach was the baritone Jordan Hristozov, who built the image with a lot of flair and humor. Baritone Branimir Nedkov introduced himself as Joseph, in love with Pepi, but caught in a whirlwind plot intrigue. The charming soprano Shmilena Sultanova played the role of the famous fashion designer Pepi, who dreams of being a dancer and fulfilling her wish. In the humorous image of Kagler - the father of Francisca Cagliari, built with artistic banter, was the bass Peter Tiholov, the charmer Mali - Vessela Apostolova, soprano, Count Bitovski - Alexander Perperiev.
Great vision, masterful directing - with refined details, fully sustained in the style of manners and relationships typical of the middle of the XIX century, professional sound - of the soloists, the orchestra - under the baton of Tsanislav Petkov, and the choir - with choirmaster Nevena Mihaylova, lavish ballet ensembles with attractive choreography - the work of Galina Kalcheva, cheerful mood, and vital messages presented the performance of the Ostrich operetta "Viennese Blood".
Strauss-Son's music, like the foam of quality champagne, garnishes the finesse, class, and refined manners of the atmosphere in the Opera Hall, adding a wonderful touch of aristocracy and class on Saturday night