01 april 2020 Awaiting Events On Stage - Again

Nearly a month has passed since the last staging of the State Opera - Burgas in the Opera House - "Gypsy Baron", by music by Johann Strauss-son, directed by Mario Nikolov, on March 4th. Just two days before the Cole Porter musical and director Alexander Tekeliev's "Kiss Me, Kate!" to play again on the Burgas stage, extraordinary measures were introduced which were timely and necessary. After the wardrobes of the Burgas Opera - only three, managed to hand over to the Crisis Staff to the Municipality of Burgas for two weeks - completely free of charge, over 2000 protective masks. The idea of ​​the director of the Burgas Opera Alexander Tekeliev was raised by other companies, associations, and individuals. The good turned out to be "contagious" in the noble sense. And our wonderful wardrobe designers quickly re-qualified themselves as the makers of beautiful stage costumes into the much-needed mask-making professionals - in the difficult times we all experience.
We are left with the wish - as soon as possible and safely, to continue to sound music on the stage of Burgas Opera, to create quality and exciting sublime art, to make sacred contact between artists and the audience! ...

Photos: State Opera - Burgas