21 december 2021 The Last Ballet Performance Of The Year - With Great Success

The classic Christmas story based on the beloved tale of ET Hoffman THE HAZELNUT CRUSHER, on which PI Tchaikovsky created his magnificent ballet of the same name,
provided again (after yesterday's performance) to the Burgas audience the opportunity to enter the magical world of the fabulous ballet extravaganza, which gained worldwide popularity and became a mandatory part of the festive program of every musical and stage theater. Tonight the ballet troupe of the Burgas Opera told - through the means of art, subordinated to the muse Terpsichore, the fairy tale about Masha and the Nutcracker. The remarkable choreography and direction of Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov has combined the best of classical traditions with his perfectionism. The famous choreographer and director honored with his presence the Sunday performance, at which Polina Ivanova made a brilliant debut in the role of Masha. Prof. Mehmedov clarified that he would like to attend today's performance, but was invited to an official ceremony in the Presidency to be awarded the highest award of the Republic of Bulgaria - the Order of Stara Planina.
On the stage of the Burgas Opera, this evening unfolded - in festive splendor and brilliant gradation, the story of little Masha's dream and the magical transformation of the Nutcracker into a fairytale prince. The scenography and costumes were created by Radostin Chomakov, the tutor of the ballet troupe is Galina Kalcheva, the assistant director is Petar Tiholov.
The beauty, combination of music, choreography, masterful directing, and exquisite presence on the stage created:
Masha - prima ballerina Ivanina Ivanova, who gives the image a fabulous charm and enchantment;
The Nutcracker - Teodor Tsakov - brilliant, inspired, and performing the difficult part with ease;
Drosselmeyer - Svetlan Nikolov - leading the audience in a fairy-tale reality;
The Black Queen - a respectful fury, foretelling an evil doom - Yana Berduta; Fritz - the young ballerina Alexandra Raeva from DBT "Kapka", who successfully debuted in the role in Sunday's performance and gave an unequivocal request for a permanent presence on the big stage; Masha's friends - Iva Ovcharova and Natalie Ivanova, Mother - Anelia Ivanova.
The attractive ensembles participated - with professional scope and finesse: "Spanish Dance" - Laya Ramon and Kiril Filipov, "Indian Dance" - Elena Georgieva, Gergana Georgieva, and Stoyan Fartunov, "Chinese Dance" - Sabina Koseva and Teodor Tsakov / Daniel Tichkov, "Russian Dance" - Ivana Fialkovska, Maria Gabarova, Bianca-Helen Giovannelli, and Stefan Tipikov, Snowflakes - Laya Ramon and Natalie Ivanova, Pink Waltz - Anelia Ivanova, Natalie Ivanova, Laya Ramon, Sabina Koseva, Daniel Tichkov, Kiril Filipov, Stoyan Fartunov.
In the festive performance tonight in the Opera Hall shone the talents of the graduates of the Children's Ballet Theater "Drop" and the ballet classes of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ".
At the end of the last ballet performance for the eventful and successful creative year 2021, the traditional basket of flowers was presented on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.
There was no lack of strong emotions - on stage, in the audience, and behind the scenes. Shakespeare's famous maxim: "Everything is good when it ends well." reaffirmed tonight.
There was magic - again!
We are waiting for you at the last event of the Burgas Opera program - before the January annual vacation - the Christmas concert on December 22 at 7 pm in the Opera Hall!

Photos: State Opera - Burgas

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