18 march 2024 Beauty, Class, Grace And Mastery in Sleeping Beauty

In parallel with the concert performance "Tale for Two" with the participation of the star stage couple Edelina Kaneva and Orlin Goranov in the city of Shumen, this evening the hall of the Burgas State Opera presented the ballet magnificence set to the music of P. I. Tchaikovsky, staged by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov - direction and choreography / after Marius Petipa/ - THE SLEEPING BEAUTY with MARGARITA CHEROMUHINA.
The prima ballerina of the National Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Serbia - Margarita Cheromukhina, through the perfect grace of her movements, in a beautiful stage symbiosis with the premiere ballerina of the Sofia Opera and Ballet and the Burgas Opera - Emil Iordanov, proved her high class. They were not only convincing - in technical terms but also radiating grace and unconcealed pleasure from what was being created on the stage, where the magnificent trajectory of the movements merged with the classical messages embedded in Tchaikovsky's music and the wonderful directorial decisions of Prof. Mehmedov.
Beauty, finesse, grace, an explosion of colors, grace of movements, and stage charisma were created through the means of ballet art in the performance of one of the most technically complex works of classical ballet art.
Bright and bearing the aura of aristocracy were all the images created by the soloists and artists of the ensemble. In the role of Feya Liulyak, who counteracts the evil magic, was the gentle Yana Berduta.
As Karabos, the fairy who by means of a spell condemns Princess Aurora to the memoryless sleep, the expansive Nathalie Ivanova Nathalie Ivanova presented herself on the stage. In the role of the Queen, Maria Gabarova presented herself with dignity, in an impressive stage tandem with Francesco Russo, as King Florestan.
The rest of the magical creatures also had an enchanting fairy-tale presence on the stage: the Fairy of Tenderness - Raphaela-Maria Kühl, the Fairy of Fertility - Nanako Sato Nanako Sato, the Fairy of Generosity - Ilina Konstantinova, the Fairy of Carefreeness - Kalina Nedelcheva Kalina Nedelcheva, Fairy of courage - Laia Ramon Laia Ramon.
The male presence in the ballet "Sleeping Beauty", filled with fairy tales, was also under the sign of aristocracy. The following presented themselves as Cavaliers: Daniel Tichkov, Teodor Tsakov, Ted Tsakov, Kiril Filipov, and Stoyan Fartunov. Premier ballet dancer Daniel Tichkov was in the role of the Blue Bird, together with the soloist of the ballet company Daniela Turtumanova-Stoyanova; Kircho Zhelyazkov introduced himself as Page.
Kiril Filipov also played the role of the Wolf, together with Kalina Nedelcheva - the Little Red Riding Hood. In the scene "Puss in Boots" Rafaela-Maria Kühl and Teodor Tsakov participated. In the image of the Master of Ceremonies Katalabyut was Branimir Nedkov.
Junior maids of honor were Ivana Milanova Fialkovska Kalina Nedelcheva, Nanako Sato, and Rafaela-Maria Kuhl; Maids of honor: Laya Ramon, Ilina Konstantinova, Gergana Georgieva Gergana Georgieva and Alexandrina Arabska Alex Arabska. Aneliya Ivanova, Aneliya Ivanova, Alexandrina Arabska, Mina Yalamova, Mina Yalamova, Elena Georgieva, Elena Georgieva, Bianca-Helen Giovannelli, Bianca Helen Giovannelli, and Gergana Kozarova, Gery Kozarova, danced in Feya Liulyak's retinue. Nereids were: Anelia Ivanova, Mina Yalamova, Alexandrina Arabska, Gergana Kozarova, Gergana Georgieva, Elena Georgieva, Bianka-Helen Giovanelli, Mila Vasileva. The Mazurka was performed by: Elena Georgieva, Bianka-Helen Giovanelli, Mila Vasileva, Geri Kozarova.
Graduates of the ballet classes of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas also took part in the lavish large-scale performance.
Admirations for the tutor of the ballet company Galina Kalcheva - for her professionalism and dedication - in order to obtain a finished performance under the sign of indisputable quality, for the wonderful guest soloist Margarita Cheromukhina, radiating unadulterated charm, for the always stable and radiating undeniable class premier ballet dancer Emil Yordanov, for all the soloists and artists of the ensemble - for the spiritual gift they presented to the numerous audience, who applauded them on their feet for a long time.
Congratulations also to all the specialists from the technical services, who remain outside the perimeter of the spotlights, but without their invisible, but irreplaceable, presence, not a single performance would happen in complete aesthetic integrity!
At the end of the performance, a basket of flowers was presented on behalf of the mayor of the Municipality of Burgas - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, and on behalf of the management of the State Opera - Burgas, flowers were presented to the Primate of the National Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Serbia - Margarita Cheromukhina.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas