04 december 2021 Beauty And Creative Maturity With "Giselle" On The Burgas Stage

The fourth performance of the most romantic ballet "Giselle" with music by Adolf Adam, directed and directed by Galina Kalcheva, was another proof that in art the accumulated charge and experience is expressed in more mature, detailed, and impactful performances.

Tonight in the Opera Hall another "Giselle" acquired the outlines of a completely finished aesthetic product.
Yes, there was no explanation for the thrill - at least in the whole range of emotion, as it was during the long-awaited and postponed due to the pandemic premiere on April 24 this year. and bring new enriching features to the production.
Numerous and sympathetic to the beauty created on stage, the audience proved it - with emotional empathy and reactions during the show and after its successful end.
For the second time - after her impressive debut during the performance within the Burgas Musical Festival "Emil Chakarov" - on July 14 on the stage of the Summer Theater, the soloist of the Burgas Opera Polina Ivanova built an impressive and memorable image of the gentle girl Giselle, which hides an unsuspected force in its fragile nature. For the second time - still confident, mature, precise technically, the role of Prince Albert was played by the Prime Minister-ballet dancer Daniel Tichkov. Prima ballerina Ivanina Ivanova made her debut in the image of Mirta, who was in the image of Giselle at the premiere performance, as well as in the second performance - on May 18 this year. relentlessly in the night, luring and destroying innocent boys. The soloist of the ballet troupe Teodor Tsakov presented himself in love without an answer from his beloved Gisele the forester Hans - artistically, technically, on a grand scale. The soloist of the ballet troupe debuted in the role of the premiere performance in April.
Anelia Ivanova debuted in the image of Batilda - aristocratic and dignified, in the role of the Duke was Svetlan Nikolov - also with the inherent aristocratic posture. In the role of Bertha - Giselle's mother was Sofia Lovdzhieva, and Wilfred was introduced on stage by Stefan Tipikov. Natalie Ivanova and Kiril Filipov were attractive and artistic in Pa de deux. Beautiful, dedicated to the overall idea and excitement of the performance were: Yana Berduta, Daniela Turtumanova-Stoyanova, Laya Ramoni Iva Ovcharova, Sabina Koseva, Raya Chakarova, and the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas, each of them - an integral part of the large-scale spectacle.
Students from NUMSI “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Burgas, Kapka Children's Ballet Theater, and dancers from the Strandzha Folklore Ensemble.
The quality of the technical support of the attractive show with fabulously beautiful sets and costumes, props, and special effects, as well as the good coordination provided by the assistant director Petar Tiholov cannot be ignored.
At the end of the performance, the traditional flower basket was presented on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas

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