03 october 2019 With a Brilliant Gala Opera Burgas Opened the New Season

        The soloists and the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas, under the direction of maestro Tsanislav Petkov, solemnly opened the new creative Season 2019/2020 in the Temple of Music - Opera Hall, tonight.

         The magnificent composition of soloists - talented, beautiful, sophisticated, accompanied by the orchestra, presented - artistically, with mood, taste, style and bright stage presence, selected arias from the treasury of the world opera classics, united under the title "Autumn palette".

      Yoana Zhelezcheva, Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, Daniela Dyakova, Yoana Kadiyska, Yani Nikolov, Valeri Turmanov, Alexander Krunev, Delyan Slavov, Diman Panchev, and Kostadin Mechkov built memorable stage images in the concert performances, which were delivered to the attendees by the attendees with classical music.

         The touch with the purest parameters of the Art filled the audience with beautiful sensations and feelings and gave them exciting moments of experiencing the messages encoded in the musical text. It turned out a beautifully nuanced and balanced opera program - as a selection of arias and duets, as an impact of the messages in the opera masterpieces, as an overflowing beauty of timbre combinations, as melody and harmony, as a meaningful and emotional context. Verdi, Bellini, Leoncavallo, Donizetti, Rossini, Mozart, Chilea, Tchaikovsky ended with a glowing code - the audience wished for an encore after the on-going cheering. And the bravura "Toast" from Verdi's "Traviata" was the emotional end of the opera gala.

      Admissions for the mastery and professional stage presence of the soloists and orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas. Under the inspired baton of Maestro Tsanislav Petkov, they dedicated the exciting musical evening to the bright memory of Yanita Vodenicharova, artistic secretary of the Opera, which we sent yesterday - in a universal spirit of worship, to another dimension - in the bosom of Eternity ...