28 july 2023 Burgas Opera And BTA With A Cooperation Agreement

28/07/2023 19:31

The director general of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA) Kiril Valchev and the director of the State Opera - Burgas Prof. Alexander Tekeliev signed a partnership agreement in the press club of the BTA in Burgas.

"The State Opera in Burgas is an important partner because opera art has a long tradition in Burgas," said Kiril Valchev. He recalled that the foundations of the self-made opera were laid here way back in 1955. "The Burgas Philharmonic has existed since 1947. The first ballet was from 1958, and now, this summer, Burgas is trying to restore the international ballet competition that was held for sixty years in Varna. The opera itself is one year old older than me, as I was born in 1973," Valchev explained. Alexander Tekeliev pointed out that, on the other hand, he himself is exactly the age of the opera.

"It's wonderful that we are becoming partners", notes the director of the State Opera - Burgas and added: "BTA is an institution and there is no doubt that for us this is a privilege. Against the background of everything else that reflects and is of greater interest, than value art, BTA is really the authority behind us and reflects what we do. Even though we haven't had an official partnership and signatures here and there until now, actually we have always felt your partnership because you have covered everything we do. " According to Tekeliev, Burgas, as well as the cultural institutes, need this. He wanted this to be a start that would draw a leg to the interest of others in the art of opera.

At the signing of the agreement, Kiril Valchev handed Alexander Tekeliev the postage stamp and the commemorative coin printed on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of BTA.

The event was also honored by the regional governor of Burgas, Prof. Maria Neikova, which, according to Valchev, is a sign that for the Bulgarian state, this art is of particular importance. "We remember that years ago, during the survey on who is the symbol of the past century, the Bulgarians put the Bulgarian opera voices first," said Valchev.

It was also noted that the agreement was signed during the 16th edition of the Burgas Music Festival named after the famous Burgas conductor Emil Chakarov, and in the year in which he was 75 years old. Kiril Valchev suggested that LIK magazine make a special issue dedicated to the 20th-anniversary edition of the holidays.

The director of the opera emphasized that, in addition to these summer holidays in Burgas, the cultural institution also organizes the "Opera of the Sanctuary" series, which will take place in August at the Thracian sanctuary "Beglik Tash" near Primorsko. Tekeliev shared that the opera is working towards organizing more similar events in the open air, to which there is increased interest from the public.

The General Director of BTA also noted that the agency is looking for various and lasting partnerships. He recalled that last year a special issue of LIK magazine was published, dedicated to the contest "Burgas and the Sea". Its upcoming 40th edition on July 29 is the other occasion for Kiril Valchev's visit to the seaside city, as for the fourth consecutive year he has been invited to be a member of the jury and to represent the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency in the most prestigious and practically the only remaining music contest for pop song in Bulgaria.

With this agreement, BTA expands the circle of its partners, commented Kiril Valchev. He added that so far the agency has partnership agreements, which include the systematic provision of information and other materials with regulated copyrights, with the Sofia Opera and Ballet, with the Theater and Music Production Center in Varna, which includes the State Opera and the Drama the "Stoyan Bachvarov" theater, with the State Opera in Stara Zagora, as well as the State Opera in Ruse. They also include the State Music and Ballet Center in Sofia, as well as the Sofia Philharmonic. BTA also partners with the Pleven Philharmonic on the occasion of the joint project with Hilda Kazasyan, related to music from the cinema. According to the general director, after signing this contract today, in order to complete its contracts with the operas in Bulgaria, BTA practically remains to sign ones with the State Opera in Plovdiv, as well as with the Music and Drama Theater in Veliko Tarnovo. which also has opera performances.


Text and photos: BTA