12 december 2019 "Carmen" Excited The Burgas Audience

 On Wednesday night, the Opera Hall was in the dramatic emotional tone of one of Georges Bizet's most performed and beloved operas, Carmen. The audience was told - through the means of music and performing arts, the eternal story of a sweeping passion with a fatal end.
Strong, influential, dense - like dramaturgy, and saturated with drama and emotion across the spectrum, yesterday's performance was obtained.
The role of Carmen was Daniela Dyakova - the image of the fatal hot blood beauty is one of the crowns for the talented mezzo-soprano. The opera prima was able to present - in dramatic graduation, the most characteristic of the artistic role of the famous Gypsy, who possesses the minds of men who have touched her fatal charm. Daniel Damyanov has built a torn-off image of Don Jose, who loses his identity and emotional hold by falling madly in love with Carmen and neglecting his beloved Michaela (Nona Krastnikova), as well as the moral command of her ailing mother. Baritone Valeri Turmanov was in the role of matador Escamilio - dignified and influential with his presence, soprano Nona Krastnikova was gentle and dedicated Mikaela, who was ignored by her beloved Don Jose. Bass Delyan Slavov was in the role of Tsuniga, baritone Branimir Nedkov - Dunkayro. The tenor Yani Nikolov came in the image of Remendado, bass Kostadin Mechkov was Morales. As the playful and cheerful Frascita introduced the stage soprano Stefka Hristozova, Lina Peeva was a sweet and wise Mercedes.
The conductor of the performance, requiring a large scale and artistic approach, was maestro Ivan Kozhuharov.
The orchestra, choir, and ballet of the State Opera - Burgas participated in the large-scale performance. Together, all the artists have drawn an impressive picture of a dramatic era dominated by strong passions that characterized human existence with fatalism.

Carmen is directed by Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva, Artist - Maria Trendafilova, conductor - Nevena Mihaylova, choreography by Nedko Georgiev, concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev, assistant director - Lina Peeva.

Gallery photos: Rusalen Mihailova