08 may 2020 "The Four Twins" - Sunday, 11am The comedy for young and adults by Georgi Kostov is the new surprise for our youngest viewers

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"The Four Twins", a musical comedy for young and old by Georgi Kostov
Libretto - Pancho Panchev
Actors and contractors:

Grandmother - Nevena Mihaylova
Belcho, Pastryo, Chernyo, Zhelcho (twin brothers) - Yordan Hristozov
Bonka, Boncho - Lyudmila Mikhaylova
Uncle Gena - Lina Peeva
Chorbadzhi Petko - Diman Panchev
Conductor - Jordan Dafov
Directed by Alexander Tekeliev
Assistant-director - Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva
Scenography - Ivan Tokadzhiev
Costume designer - Anna Tokadzhieva
Dances - Galina Kalcheva
Concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev
With the participation of the ballet of the State Opera - Burgas and the special participation of the Professional Folklore Ensemble "Strandzha"

The show is suitable for young and old. The funny story about four twin brothers from the picturesque village of Bliznakovo, who like the beautiful Bonka / performed by the charming Lyudmila Mihaylova - a sweet girl who has to choose a groom between the four Leventi, gives the opportunity to touch the stage magic in which the artists present one a better world, where pure feelings and the choice of the heart are most important for a meaningful and fulfilling life. Lyudmila Mihaylova also plays the role of Boncho / in fact, this is her, predestined as a boy - on a secret mission - to find out which of the brothers has real feelings for her./
In the funny plot, in the style of "Bulgarians of old times", comic situations alternate with the four twins - the same in appearance, but different in temperament and understanding of life - Belcho, Pastryo, Chernyo, and Zhelcho - played by Yordan Hristozov, who manages to be different and influential in each of the images, radically different in psychology and behavior. The role of Aunt Gena is Lina Peeva - who builds the image with a sense of the era and a lot of humor. The strict but extremely amusing chorbadzhi Petko is Diman Panchev, inspiring with his behavior respect and keeping the weight of his father's command, which was a law for his time. The grandmother - a stranger who travels the world and tells fairy tales, is performed by Nevena Mihaylova. She enters the image of a dignified storyteller who leads the thread of a wonderful tale that ends with a wonderful wedding. And the young ones got married - Bonka and the twin with a good heart and honest thoughts - and you will find out who he is when you watch the show! They love each other, despite the bet that the groom ordered the personal girl to be the one who brought the heaviest gold bracelet from the five-year-old gurbet. Gold, it turns out, is powerless against the power of true feelings. Well, at least that's how it is in fairy tales, which are difficult, but not impossible to recreate in real life ...
The young audience that empathizes with the show touches the stage magic, in which the artists present an entertaining and instructive story, in which the conclusion is that true feeling are not subject to circumstances, do not fade, on the contrary, intensify over time, and the choice of the heart determined by the "scales", which measures goodness, care, thought and empathy.
Artists from the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas, as well as dancers from the Professional Folklore Ensemble "Strandzha", complement the patriarchal picture and the fun action of the "Four Twins".

At the time of broadcast  - May 10, Sunday, 11 am, a link will be published, from the Facebook page of Opera Burgas, for viewing in real-time.