03 april 2023 The Comic Ballet "Badly Protected Girl" Premieres On Friday

After the indisputable success of the ballet "Don Quixote" by Ludwig Minkus in the summer season of 2022 - for connoisseurs of the fine art of dance, the Burgas Opera has prepared a new premiere title in its repertoire - the comic ballet in two acts "Bad Girl", set to the music of Louis Harrold and Pierre Gavo. On the stage of the State Opera - Burgas, on April 7, Friday, from 7 p.m., a pastoral picture will come to life, saturated with colors, emotions, dynamics, and exquisite musical motifs, carrying vital messages and lots of laughter.

The choreography and direction of the new title in the repertoire of the Burgas Cultural Institute are by Galina Kalcheva. The long-time prima ballerina of the Burgas Opera already has other titles in her portfolio as a director - "Don Quixote" and "Giselle" - titles presented with great success and high audience interest in the last two years on the Burgas stage, which contain many original elements and staging approach, combining classic techniques with innovative ideas.

"Bad Girl" is a colorful show about love! The ballet title, full of cheerful and casual situations, comic moments, and challenges to the performers, is one of the oldest European ballets that have survived to this day. We work with great desire and dedication, all artists are fully immersed in the creative process. I wish the ballet troupe a successful premiere and I would be happy for the new product to be part of the rich repertoire of the State Opera - Burgas!", said Galina Kalcheva, who, in sync with the ballet dancers, precisely finishes every detail of the production in order to be brilliantly presented at the premiere performance.

The tutor of the ballet ensemble is Marina Zmeeva-Markova, who also precisely sculpts the details in the construction of the overall appearance of the performance by the ballet troupe. The assistant director of the production is Petar Tiholov.

The scenographer of the premiere title is the acclaimed professional in the field Ivan Tokadzhiev, who also created the fabulous scenery of the ballets "Don Quixote" and "Giselle", the children's musicals "The Three Little Pigs Puff, Puff, Puff", as well as many other titles from the repertoire of Burgas State Opera. "The process of creating the scenography for a new production is difficult, connected with many nerves, but we will make it for the premiere. When the audience enters the hall, no one will ask: "Was it difficult for you?", and when the hall goes out, the spotlights turn on and the curtain rises - the audience must gasp! With the State Opera - Burgas, I have worked on the creation of the scenography of "Baladerka", "Giselle", "Don Quixote" and others. successful titles. The Burgas Opera can boast a wide range of productions, which are also related to the most important audience - children. In this regard, I admire the leadership of the Opera House - to promote enormous efforts in music and stage art at a high artistic level, including for the children's audience. I wish to defend and popularize Bulgarian creativity, and this is an important mission in times when the situation is scorching, and the mass taste imposes questionable values..." said the prominent set designer Ivan Tokadjiev before the premiere.

The attractive costumes, which will bring an additional playful element to the humorous plot, are the work of Yana Dvoretska, a talented young artist. She was in a brilliant creative tandem with Ivan Tokadzhiev in the process of creating the fabulous vision of the ballet production "Don Quixote. "The Badly Protected Girl" is a funny and beautiful story about love. Since I have already made costumes for this ballet at the Ruse Opera House, this time I went for a more contemporary interpretation that I think will be more relatable and relatable to today's audience. I wanted the costumes to have a more 'French' feel so I used different patterns as well as pastel shades of blues, pinks, and purple. The ballet costume is extremely technologically challenging, but working on this production was above all a pleasure, thanks to the talent and professionalism of the team in the sewing studio of Burgas Opera.", told about the creative process of creating the costumes for "Bad Girl " Yana Dvoretska, costume designer.

The solo composition of "Badly Protected Girl" is first-rate. The premiere performance is being prepared: the soloists of the ballet company of the Burgas Opera, Daniela Turtumanova-Stoyanova and Yana Byurduta - for the role of Lisa, a village girl. Premier ballet dancers Daniel Tichkov and Emil Yordanov, as well as Teodor Tsakov, soloist of the ballet troupe, are rehearsing for the image of Kolen, Lisa's beloved. Soloists Teodor Tsakov and Kiril Filipov are preparing for the role of Mama Simone, which is traditionally danced by a man, and Emil Yordanov, Daniel Tichkov, and Kiril Filipov are for the role of Nikez, a candidate for Lisa's groom. Svetlan Nikolov plays Thomas, Nikez's father. Artists from the ensemble of the ballet troupe at the State Opera - Burgas and graduates of the ballet classes at NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas - as the characters of Lisa and Kolen's friends, villagers, etc.