13 october 2023 The Concert "Latino Pulse" Energized The Burgas Audidence

In early autumn, when we are still in an undetermined time of off-season, this evening the hall of the Burgas State Opera was on a hot wave with LATINO PULSE - as a wake from the past summer.
The program full of dynamics, under the baton of the favorite of the audience - maestro Svilen Simeonov Svilen Simeonov, the concert spectacle, which was presented with expected success during the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" - in front of a large audience on the stage of the Summer Theater in Burgas, and this evening immersed those present in the Opera House with an incomparable atmosphere.
Admirations were deserved by everyone on the stage - for the overall beauty, the wonderful musicianship of the soloist Ralitza Petkova - electric and acoustic violin, the undeniable professionalism of the orchestras of the State Opera - Burgas, with concertmaster Vanya Zlateva, as well as the dizzying participation of the artists from the ballet ensemble of the Burgas opera - based on the original choreography by Marina Zmeeva-Markova Marina Zmeeva-Markova.
All participants in the large-scale stage project captivated the audience with the skillfully conveyed Latin temperament and various shades of sensuality.
Announced by Svilen Simeonov, in a casual way - with his inherent sense of humor, his arrangements of the passionate rhythms of bossa nova, samba, habanera, Brasileira, rumba, milonga, cha-cha-cha sounded in the "Latino Pulse" concert program, hota, farandola, Aragon, sigidilla, etc.
Ballet artists presented whirlwind flamenco - with fiery rhythms, the passionate-nostalgic messages of tango, as well as catchy choreographic elements.
Maestro Simeonov himself, although he admitted that he was struggling with a seasonal illness, was in his typical mood and expressed gratitude and well-deserved praise to the soloist, all the orchestra players, and the ballet artists and added that it was his love for the musicians and artists of the State Opera - Burgas, as well as the Burgas public, gave him an incentive to travel from Sofia for the concert, despite his condition. And the concert was spectacular, by all indications, written and unwritten "paragraphs", it turned out in a wonderful way.
A long-standing ovation was given to all those who created the enchanting concert performance under the sign of professionalism.
The audience, of course, asked for an encore - perhaps as a curtain raiser for the next project of maestro Svilen Simeonov, the famous sirtaki from the film "Zorba the Greek" sounded, with which the orchestra literally shook the audience with violent emotions, and there were also members of the audience dancing on stage ...

Photos: State Opera - Burgas