23 october 2019 The Ever-Current Topic of "Careerists" On the Burgas Scene Again


The composition of the State Opera - Burgas created a memorable mood on stage during the performance of the musical "Careerists" by Parashkev Hadzhiev.

All the events, configurations of the ruthless pursuit of power, are so topical in order to secure a "cloudless future", easily achievable and exclusive qualities and personal upgrade.
Ivan Vazov, on whose comedy of the same name has created the libretto of Bancho Banov, was a good expert in our psycho-psychology, which, alas, is steadfastly stalled, even in some respects - undergoing regression ...
The production is super fun and instructive!
However, art is like a balm to existing wounds, even just to help us understand the root causes. And the refrain: "Service, service, small, big, no better than you!" sounds like today, completely in tune with modern "values" ...

The brilliant show with unadulterated mood and artistic teasing was realized with the inspired and giving stage presence of the soloists: Peter Tikholov, in the role of Minister Nikola Baltov, Maria Tsvetkova - Madzharova, as his naive enthusiastic daughter Anichka, Srebbrina Slavova - Grandma Donna, Stancho Kvasnikov - Jordan Hristozov, Marcho Apostolov - guest, as a careerist with a charming smile and back thoughts Horov, Tosho Gerdzhikov - the attractive Bozdugansky, Shmilena Sultanova - the charming Terziyska, Lyudmila Mihailova - the pretentious lady with exquisite taste Shikova, Lina Peeva - the super-comic Polyxena, Vesela Apostolova - the humble girl from the Stoyanka people, Nikolay Nikolov - as Ilia, Veselin Spasov - Dramkov, Valyu Totev - Chalkanov, Alexander Perperliev - as Kakavistidov and, the ballet and the orchestra of the Burgas Opera, under the conductor baton of maestro Ivan Kozhuharov.

The director of the production, posing eternal questions and discussing painfully interesting topics, is Alexander Tekeliev, assistant - directors - Lina Peeva and Peter Tihilov, set design by Ivan Tokadzhiev, costume designer is Chavdar Chomakov, conductor of people - Nevena Mihaylova are the work of Galina Kalcheva, concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev.

Photos: Rusalen Mihaylov