06 february 2024 Daniela Dyakova&Alexander Krunev Sing At The Concert On Saturday

Тhe fourth performance of the "Soloists of the State Opera - Burgas" series and the first for the new calendar year - after a one-month annual leave for the entire staff of the Burgas Cultural Institute, is coming up on Saturday, February 10, at 11 a.m. in the lobby of the Opera House. The program of the vocal concert will feature masterpieces from the opera classics, performed by prominent Bulgarian opera singers mezzo-soprano Daniela Dyakova, baritone Alexander Krunev, and Iliana Todorova on the piano.

The beginning of the new concert cycle in the repertoire of the Burgas Cultural Institute was set with the vocal concert on October 7 of this year, with soloists: soprano Lyudmila Mihailova and baritone Yordan Hristozov, and Daria Krasteva on the piano. This was followed by a concert by the basses of the Burgas Opera - Delyan Slavov, Diman Panchev, and Kostadin Mechkov, accompanied by Iliana Todorova on the piano - on November 4. The third concert of the series was on November 18 - with soloists: soprano Nona Krastnikova and baritone Maryan Yovanoski, Igor Kiriyanov played the piano.

During the past calendar year, Daniela Dyakova was the irresistible Delilah in the opera based on a biblical story by Camille Saint-Saëns "Samson and Delilah" - at the official opening of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2023 on the stage of the Summer Theater in Burgas, in the role of Ulrika - in "Ball with Masks" by Verdi - both on the stage of the Opera House and the Summer Theater, as well as during the "Scene of the Ages" Festival in Veliko Tarnovo. The renowned mezzo-soprano took on the role of the treacherous Philistine Delilah at the performance on the first festival night of the "Opera of the Sanctuary" 2023 - on August 5, on the open stage of the Thracian megalithic complex Begliktash, was remarkable as Carmen - in her crowning role in the opera of the same name by Georges Bizet - on August 19, also on stage among the ancient stone blocks of Beglitkaş, as well as in the image of Azucena, another emblematic role of hers, in which she reveals all the richness of her singing and artistic nature - in the opera of Giuseppe Verdi "The Troubadour". Daniela Dyakova also participated in several chamber performances of the State Opera - Burgas in 2023. The magnificent mezzo-soprano presents herself without appeal in each of her stage performances - with dignity, taste, mastery of the voice, and rich, impactful timbre nuances.

The other soloist in the vocal concert will be the outstanding Bulgarian baritone Alexander Krunev, who celebrated his 60th anniversary a few months ago on the stage of the Burgas Opera, in the company of his friends and like-minded people, under the baton of maestro Deyan Pavlov. Krunev performed with great success in front of a large audience at the end of March 2023 on the Burgas stage in one of his crowning roles - the sad jester Rigoletto in the opera of the same name by Giuseppe Verdi, in which he was reincarnated over 100 times. Behind the conductor's desk was Matei Pop from Romania /guest/. Alexander Krunev has in his repertoire an impressive set of images, which he recreates with remarkable maturity, depth, artistry, stability and brilliant vocal prowess. The eminent baritone gives dignity and the characteristic harshness to the image of the High Priest of Dagon /the god of the Philistines who conquered the Jewish people/, inspiring respect and awe - in a magnificent, emotionally and professionally padded tandem with Daniela Dyakova in the opera "Samson and Delilah " - both on the stage of the Summer Theater in Burgas and at the opening of the "Opera of the Sanctuary" festival in Begliktash. In the past year 2023, Alexander Krunev also participated in chamber concerts of the Burgas Opera, as well as in the large-scale opera gala under the baton of maestro Slavil Dimitrov, together with soloists, orchestra, and choir of the State Opera - Burgas.

On the piano on Saturday will be the undisputed professional Iliana Todorova, who brilliantly partners the soloists, bringing out the most characteristic of each of the performed works - in a refined sound and the corresponding mood. The pianist plays at a number of chamber concerts of the Burgas Opera House, presenting herself consistently brilliantly.

This is what the renowned mezzo-soprano Daniela Dyakova reveals before the concert: "The program is based on the foundation of romantic lyrics. Most of it consists of French music, but in general, we will offer a journey starting with Mozart's classics. The emphasis is on the French lyrics of Bizet and Saint-Saëns. We will end this musical journey with some of the pearls of the world of Italian canzonets.”

The program of the concert on Saturday will include Aria of Delilah and a duet of Delilah and the High Priest from the Second Act of the opera "Samson and Delilah" by Camille Saint-Saëns, a Duet of Zerlina and Don Juan from the opera "Don Juan" by V. A. Mozart, Gerard's Aria - "Nemico della patria" from the Third Act of the opera "Andre Chenier" by Umberto Giordano, Figaro's Aria from the opera "The Barber of Seville" by Gioacchino Rossini, "Habanera" from "Carmen" by Georges Bizet, surprises are planned in the program.

On the morning of Saturday, February 10, the fourth event of the "Soloists of the State Opera - Burgas" series will add a sophisticated flavor and will emotionally charge those present in the lobby of the Opera House, which has already established itself as a preferred place for chamber music events.

The next concert of the "Soloists of the State Opera - Burgas" series is on February 24 at 11 a.m. in the lobby of the Opera, with the participation of soprano Shmilena Sultanova and baritone Branimir Nedkov. Mira Iskarova will play the piano.