16 august 2022 Daniela Dyakova&Kostadin Andreev In An Exciting Tandem In Carmen

On August 20, Saturday, at 8:30 p.m. on the open stage of the Thracian sanctuary of Begliktash, the audience will be given the opportunity to relive the timeless story of a sudden passion, repulsion, emotional rehabilitation, a collision of two worlds that irresistibly attract each other, and devastating feelings destroy them - with the opera "Carmen" by Georges Bizet. The event is the last of the large-scale festival "Opera On The Sanctuary", realized for the third time by the Burgas State Opera and the Municipality of Primorsko. The dramatic plot of one of the world's most popular operas always sounds relevant. Regardless of the era in which they live, people invariably carry identical feelings, aspirations, and their relationships are based on universal human norms that are not subject to time. The opera has become iconic - not only because of Georges Bizet's beautiful music, characterized by an exquisite melodic line, as well as musical motifs that have gained popularity in their own right, but also because of the story, which continues to excite and evoke diverse feelings.

Behind the conductor's desk on Saturday will be maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, who has the talent and capacity to turn any performance or concert under his baton into a musical event. In the role of the famous passionate gypsy Carmen, who is the object of strong and uncontrollable feelings, insane jealousy leading to a fatal outcome, will be the incredible mezzo-soprano Daniela Dyakova, who does not hide her bias and her emotional connection to this complex dramatic role. Her thick and rich voice, with a wealth of timbre nuances, is extremely suitable for the controversial image that she will build on the stage in Begliktash. Daniela Dyakova was a magnificent and respectable Ulrika - the fortuneteller who foretells the future and guides human destinies with her predictions - in the opera "Ball with Masks", on August 13, on the same stage in Begliktash.

On August 20, the famous mezzo-soprano Daniela Dyakova will be in a stage partnership with the tenor Kostadin Andreev /guest/, soloist of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, who will take on the role of Don Jose - torn by internal contradictions. On July 22, Kostadin Andreev was brilliant at the Summer Theater in Burgas in the role of Calaf in the opera "Turandot" by Giacomo Puccini.

Daniela Dyakova, on whose temperament the role of Carmen impresses magnificently, will once again sweep the open stage in Begliktash – a real fury, an amalgam of passion and an irresistible urge for inner freedom, which for her is above love, affection, even the instinct for life. The magnificent tenor Kostadin Andreev, who has repeatedly sung on stages in Bulgaria and around the world with the unforgettable and inimitable Gena Dimitrova, will be reincarnated in the role of the tragically in love Don Jose. He fits brilliantly into the emotional arc generated by the stage interaction with the image of the most famous gypsy, Carmencita. The talented young baritone Valery Turmanov will be the matador Escamilio, who wins Carmen's feelings and pushes Don Jose to black jealousy with a tragic outcome. The wonderful soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova will be reincarnated in the image of the gentle devoted girl Mikaela, the bass Delyan Slavov will be Tsuniga - he played the role of the conspirator Samuel in the second event of the "Sanctuary Opera" - the opera "Ball with Masks" by Giuseppe Verdi . Soprano Miglena Slavova will appear on stage as Frasquita, a guest who brilliantly transformed herself into the role of Oscar in Verdi's "Ball with Masks" last Saturday at the open stage in Begliktash. Lina Peeva will play the role of Mercedes, baritone Branimir Nedkov will play Dankairo, tenor Yani Nikolov will play Remendado, bass Kostadin Mechkov will play Morales.

The director of the production, adapted for the open stage in Begliktash, is Alexander Tekeliev, choir conductor - Nevena Mihailova, choreography is by Nedko Georgiev, concertmaster - Hristo Belchev, assistant directors - Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov. The orchestra, choir and ballet of the State Opera - Burgas, as well as the Children's Choir "Milka Stoeva" with conductor Svetla Stoeva, take part in the large-scale attractive performance.

The productions of the State Opera - Burgas at the Thracian sanctuary provide for the third year a unique chance to come into contact with the mystical symbolism of the sacred place, combined with the artistic suggestions of the operas. The place under the open sky of mystical Strandzha is magical - an exciting meeting of messages from antiquity with the modern interpretation of timeless classical music takes place. At such moments, Nature quiets down and listens to the voice of Art. The performances - among the natural decor of the megalithic sanctuary, on a specially built stage next to the stone complex, as well as on the stone blocks themselves, pass as if under the patronage of the ancient Thracians, who lived and performed their mystical rituals on these lands, which are symbolically with the entire huge team, realizing the ambitious undertaking. 

The Sanctuary Opera Festival is proof that classical music carries the aura of impermanence and eternity, as aesthetics and messages, as a culture of thought and a way of perceiving the world, and interest and adoration for its imperishable messages should be maintained, and in combination with a similar natural phenomenon is even more impressive. Tickets for "Carmen" - at the box office of the Opera House, "Chasovnika" box office, Tourist Center - Primorsko, on the spot - before the performance, as well as on the Grabo and Eventim.