13 august 2019 Burgas Opera With a Project for a Grand Art Festival

Following the exceptional reviews of Bellini's belly-show "Norma", set for the first time among the natural décor of the Thracian sanctuary of Begliktash, the management of the State Opera - Burgas has a conceptual project to continue its successful start in a constantly held opera forum at the sacred site. This was stated by the director of the State Opera - Burgas Alexander Tekeliev during his interview in the morning block of TV Channel 0 RN Mediagroup today.

Mr. Tekeliev added that he already had in mind several attractive opera titles whose overall vision would impress the sacred site, with its natural and historical features. The performances are also expected to incorporate innovative technologies - holograms depicting spectacular natural phenomena, which in turn will contribute to the overall vision of the upcoming grand performances under Begliktash's starry sky. The Mayor of the Municipality of Primorsko, Dr. Dimitar Germanov, who was also a guest at the Channel 0 studio, confirmed the support of the municipal leadership in the process of realizing the idea, stating that in terms of providing a material and technical base, emotional commitment, he, as well as experts from the municipality of Primorsko, in sync with the major project. Thus, the idea of ​​a permanent music festival will be in line with the development of cultural tourism on the Southern Black Sea coast, added Dr. Germanov.