23 may 2023 Donka Saiyan With Dimitar Nikolov's Award For May 24

Tonight /May 23/ in the picturesque open space of the Flora Exhibition Center, at the traditional festive cocktail organized by the Mayor of Burgas Municipality - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, for the cultural figures of the city, with an award on the occasion of May 24 - Bulgarian Alphabet Day, education and culture and Slavic literature, was awarded to Donka Petkova-Saiyan - soloist-leader of the cello group of the orchestra of the Burgas State Opera.
The prestigious prize is awarded for exceptional professional success and a 50-year career as a leading instrumentalist - in the orchestra of the Burgas Philharmonic, later - Opera and Philharmonic Society - Burgas, and currently - State Opera - Burgas.
Last year's prize for the Burgas Opera was awarded to bassist Diman Panchev.
Donka Saiyan was born on December 10, 1950, in the city of Burgas. He started playing the cello at the age of ten at the School of Transport Workers. In 1964, he entered the Middle School of Music - Burgas, in the class of Radka Jagarova, graduating with honors in 1969. He entered the Bulgarian State Conservatory - Instrumental Faculty, in 1970, in the class of Prof. Zdravko Yordanov. He completed his higher music education with excellent success.
From 1972 she worked in the State Philharmonic - Burgas, and in 1983 - after a competition, she was awarded the category of "conductor soloist".
From 1972 to 2006, he also worked as a part-time teacher at the Middle School of Music - Burgas. Donka Saiyan also worked as an accompanist in the Tolbukhin Chamber Orchestra /now - Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra - Dobrich/, with whom she participated in concerts and recordings in our country, as well as abroad - in the former USSR and Italy. For years, she participated in a piano trio with solo concerts and many performances /including a performance of L. V. Beethoven's Triple Concerto with the Burgas Philharmonic in 1983/ From the summer of 1983, Donka Saiyan played in a new piano trio with Radka Chomakova and Yuri Troshanov, receiving an award for culture and art of the Municipality of Burgas for the high artistic level of their performance. In 1986, she was awarded by the Union of Musicians in Bulgaria with a bronze badge and "Silver Lira" - in 1997.
Donka Saiyan continues to work and take part in concerts and performances of the State Opera - Burgas. For more than 50 years on the stage, she has become synonymous with professionalism, and continuity in the art, a highly valued instrumentalist, prepared with a vast repertoire and passed through the long creative life of the orchestra, in which she proves ceaselessly and continues to build on her complex qualities.
Precisely because of the need for such a positive example of dedication to the cause of preserving and popularizing classical music, for young orchestra players to follow, the management of the State Opera - Burgas and the Municipality of Burgas show their respect for the over 50-year creative activity of Donka Saiyan. High recognition is for high artistic achievement and continuity in art.
Excited, the distinguished instrumentalist Donka Saiyan thanked the Mayor of Burgas Municipality - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, and the management of the State Opera - Burgas - Prof. Alexander Tekeliev, Director, and Ms. Svetlana Krasteva - Administrative Director, for the honor.
Congratulations on a great and well-deserved recognition!

Photos: State Opera - Burgas