08 june 2022 Emil Chakarov BMP Оpened With The Premiere Of "Don Quixote"

The post-premiere atmosphere was euphoric last night at the Burgas Summer Theater - The official page of the performance of DON QUIXOTE - WITH MARTA PETKOVA / PREMIERE /, as well as the shots that captured the happy smiles of satisfaction from the creation, which was received with loud acclaim from the audience. A delightful combination of rhythms, colored by passion, dynamics, and a whirlwind of emotions, overall appearance, synchronized idea, music, artistic messages and inspired performance, under the sign of true mastery, was the premiere performance.

An expected furor in the role of Kitri caused the appearance of the prima ballerina of the Sofia Opera and Ballet Marta Petkova, who has always been greeted extremely warmly by the Burgas audience. And fans of ballet art in the seaside town have a taste and sense of the art of the highest class and are subject to the charisma of the performers. And Marta Petkova was like a beautiful ambassador of beauty, unrealistically perfect for the earthly dimensions. And warm, tenderly smiling, with a tolerant attitude towards her colleagues, and gives herself 100% to the audience.
Emil Yordanov was in a delightful symbiosis with the prima ballerina in the image of Kitri's favorite - Basil, both in radiance, temperament, and mastery.
In addition to the star ballet couple, the entire multi-colored extravaganza on the stage of the Summer Theater was built - through the dynamics of movements and skillful transmission of emotional messages built all soloists and artists of the ensemble, as well as the fresh presence of alumni of ballet classes of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladi" Burgas, who participated - extremely responsibly and in sync with the mastery of the other performers, in the beautiful mystical scenes in which the dryads rule - the mythical forest creatures, patrons of trees. As the Lady of the Dryads herself - stylish, influential, inspiring, was the young ballerina, winner of numerous national and international awards, who already has several successful roles in performances of the State Opera - Burgas, whose ballet troupe has been for several months - Emona Georgieva Emona Georgieva. Sabina Koseva - as Amur - also distinguished herself with a gentle and enchanting stage presence and artistry.
Theodore Tsakov Ted Cakov and
Yana Berduta - like Espada and Mercedes - were attractive and brilliantly recreated the Spanish temperament through a variety of whirlwind dances.
Daniela Turtumanova-Stoyanova and Natalie Ivanova - Kitty's Friends - were dynamic and charming.
A real southern breath and passion were radiated by the Friends of Basil - Daniel Tichkov Daniel Tichkov and Kiril Filipov.
The characteristic roles, requiring acting skills, of the iconic couple from the novel by Cervantes Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, were recreated skillfully and with a remarkable sense of humor by Petar Tiholov Petar Tiholov and Yani Nikolov. The image of Gamash, the famous arrogant nobleman who unsuccessfully fought for the heart of the beautiful Kitri - performed by Daniel Dimitrov, was also colorful.
In the passionate Gypsy dance, Iva Ovcharova and Kiril Filipov were like a ball of sensuality and dynamism.
As Kitri's father - Lorenzo, Svetlan Nikolov had a colorful presence on stage, Svetlan Nikolov Nikolov, in the role of
The pub was the attractive Sofia Lovdzhieva-Svetlozarova.
Sincere admiration - for the dedication of the stage during the premiere performance and the achieved synchronicity, the artists from
Ballet Ensemble at the State Opera - Burgas - traditionally at a high level of performance.
The wonderful production of Galina Kalcheva - director of the impressive large-scale ballet extravaganza, the magnificent scenography of Ivan Tokadzhiev, perfectly consistent with the idea of ​​the sets bright and attractive costumes, the work of artist Yana Dvoretska Yana Dvoretska, who created 82 original costumes for the premiere from the wardrobes of the Burgas Opera, the technical support of the performance, the merit of the assistant director Lina Peeva and, of course, the emotional and intelligent presentation of the audience, were attestations for creating a real cultural holiday last night at the Summer Theater.
With the premiere of "Don Quixote" by Ludwig Minkus, the fifteenth edition of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2022, realized by the Burgas State Opera and the Municipality of Burgas, was officially opened.
At the end of the festive evening, flower pots were presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov, State Puppet Theater - Burgas, Ballet School "Marina Zmeeva" Marina Zmeeva, and Flower Boutique DIANA.
On behalf of the management of the State Opera - Burgas bouquets of flowers were received by the creators of the magnificent feast for the senses: Marta Petkova / guest /, Emil Yordanov, Galina Kalcheva, Yana Dvoretska and Ivan Tokadzhiev.
The event was honored by Diana Savateva, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Tourism, and Sports, and representatives of the Municipal Administration.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas