03 june 2021 The Emil Chakarov Festival Opens With The Oscars In Music Opera galleries, concert performances, dance gala, children's performance are included in the framework of the Burgas Music Fest

With the concert performance "Oscars in Music" starring Militsa Gladnishka, who recently won the prestigious fourth place in one of the most-watched TV formats "Like two drops of water" and the popular actor who shows enviable singing skills - Philip Avramov, under the baton of Levon Manukyan, the Burgas Musical Festival "Emil Chakarov" - 2021 - will be officially opened on June 8 at 20.30 on the stage of the Summer Theater - Burgas.

This year, for the first time, the festival, realized by the State Opera - Burgas and the Municipality of Burgas, which will be held for the 14th time in a row, starts not in July, but in June. The program of the music festivals is rich and varied, and this month they include, in addition to the Oscars in a Music concert, two opera galleys, concert performances, a children's performance, and a dance gala. On Tuesday, June 8, the audience at the Summer Theater will have the opportunity to hear a selection of musical hits, sounded in Hollywood productions, awarded by the Film Academy with an Oscar statuette. Maestro Levon Manukyan is behind the conductor's desk of the concert performance "Oscars in Music". The original script and thematic multimedia are the work of Julia Manukyan. Planinka Karagiozova will be on the piano. Popular and beloved music, forever in the world's musical treasury, sounded in the films "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", "Dirty Dancing", "Flashdance", "James Bond", "Armageddon", "Rocky", "Star Wars" "," Doctor Zhivago "," The Lord of the Rings ", etc., will introduce those present at the Summer Theater in the world of the Seventh Art - through multimedia with footage from the films, which will sound the soundtrack, performed by the State Opera Orchestra - Burgas. The established project of the conductor Levon Manukyan is already known to the fans of film music all over the country. The collection of selected movie hits is a favorite of music lovers and the project invariably enjoys interest from the audience.


More about the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2021 in June:

As part of the Burgas Music Festival, "Emil Chakarov" has not forgotten its youngest viewers. The program for June includes the opera for children by Alexander Yosifov "Pinocchio", which will bring mood, smiles, and a pinch of lessons for them. The Disney-style musical performance will be presented on June 12 at 5 pm at the Summer Theater. The directing, scenography, costumes, and sculptures of the magnificent production are by Denis Ivanov. The conductor-producer is the young maestro Tsanislav Petkov. Assistant directors are Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov. In the roles the children and their parents or companions will see: Branimir Nedkov - Pinocchio, Petar Tiholov - Dzhepeto / Father Carlo /, Malvina - Stefka Hristozova, Lisana - Lina Peeva, Kotaran - Miroslav Dimitrov, Uncle Monti - Diman Panchev, Harlequin - Milen Dinolov , Pulcinella - Vessela Apostolova, Carabinieri - Ivan Grozev, Bartender - Alexander Perperliev, Judge and Doctor - Veselin Spasov. The play is a beautiful kaleidoscope of a beloved fairy tale plot, characters who have acquired dimensions of relics - for children and adults, emotionality, drama, touching denouements and, of course, the ubiquitous lesson of fairy tales, which reminds us that no matter how wise to consider ourselves, we cannot escape the things that taught us when we were children - to be sincere, to do good deeds, to be devoted in our relationships and to keep in the most carefully guarded corner of our hearts the hope for the Blue Fairy which makes wishes come true…

On June 15 at 20.30 on the stage of the Summer Theater soloists, orchestra, choir and ballet of the Burgas Opera will present a brilliant "Johann Strauss Gala", conducted by Tsanislav Petkov, concertmaster - Vanya Zlateva.

On June 19, also from 20.30 in the Summer Theater will be the opera gala "Viva Puccini", behind the conductor's stand stands maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev. Soloists, orchestra, and choir of the State Opera - Burgas take part in the large-scale gala.

On June 26 at 20.30, also on the stage of the Summer Theater, a brilliant Dance Gala will be presented, with the special participation of Marta Petkova, prima ballerina of the Sofia Opera and Ballet. In the attractive gala - on the idea of ​​Galina Kalcheva, tutor of the ballet at the Burgas Opera, participate soloists of the State Opera - Burgas, Dance School "Dune" led by Petya Stoykova, Sports Acrobatics Club "Petrochemical 2011" led by Diana Koleva, Club in sports dances "Burgas 1975" and the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas.

The last event within the Burgas Music Festival for June / this month events are planned on other stages that are not included in the festival program / is the concert with film music "Violin in Cinema" - on June 30 from 20.30 on the stage of the Summer Theater - Burgas. Yordan Dafov stands behind the conductor's desk. The famous maestro was recently awarded the prestigious prize of the Ministry of Culture "Golden Age", concertmaster - Vanya Zlateva, soloist - Chavdar Valkov, violin, who, together with the orchestra of the Burgas Opera will perform musical motifs from the films "Red Violin", "Gladiator" "," Schindler's List "," Mask of Zoro "," The Godfather "," Mission "," Pink Panther "," Mission Impossible "," Pirates of the Caribbean "," Ladies in Purple "and others.
Expect information about the events within the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2021 and for the months of July and August, as well as details about concerts that will be held within the programs of the State Opera - Burgas "Party on the Island" and "Party on The flora.

* The management of the State Opera - Burgas reserves the right to make changes in the program.