24 november 2023 An Exciting "Carmen" With a Wonderful Conductor And Artists

Tonight /November 24/ in the hall of the Burgas State Opera, a new Carmen is "born" - the lovely mezzo-soprano Ioana Kadiyska makes her debut in the role of the most famous gypsy in the artistic world - Carmencita!
A full-blooded, impactful and multispectral image was built by the young singer, who completely impressed the role - in appearance and emotionality.
Kadiyska approached the role she dreamed of responsibly, with a lot of passion and consistency in the creative process - the result was tangible and everyone present - both audience and colleagues, felt and appreciated it.
Admirations for all the wonderful soloists - they created a musical-stage celebration!
The outstanding Bulgarian tenor Daniel Damyamov was hyper-emotional and sensitive to the dramatic story line, with a skillfully balanced, vocally padded portrayal of Don Jose - wandering between love and a long, masterfully constructed dynamic and a rich emotional palette - from uncontrollable passion - to black colors of jealousy and the Abyss of Vengeance.
The stage synchronicity with Ioana Kadiyska was palpable - theatrical magic was achieved.
The exceptional baritone, soloist of the National Opera of North Macedonia and the State Opera - Burgas - Marjan Jovanoski, was undeniably impressive in the role of Escamilio - the Toreador who inspires respect - with his voice, presence and confidence of a winner. Jovanoski's vocal prowess is proverbial. And tonight he proved his class. He managed to subjugate both Carmen and the audience to the vibrations of his voice and his personal charisma.
The beautiful gentle soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova presented one of the most lyrical images in the operatic work - of the pure-hearted rural girl Mikaela - trusting, kind, obedient to the patriarchal canons, with a crystal soul and thoughts.
Magnificent Mikaela created Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova - again, after her two memorable incarnations in the image - during the performances of "Carmen" at the 2022 and 2023 Festival "Opera na svetilishteto" - on the stage of Begliktash.
The soloist of the Burgas Opera, who a few days ago celebrated her life anniversary, joined the composition for the performance on November 24 at the last moment, directly at the dress rehearsal - due to the illness of Nona Krastnikova, who rehearsed until the previous day with her colleagues.
Bass Diman Panchev was convincing, respectful of Zuniga, with a rich, colorful and impressive timbre. He also joined the artistic cast the day before the performance - due to the illness of Delyan Slavov. Bass Panchev, together with Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova, also participated in the performance of Begliktash in August of this year - in front of a large international audience.
Colorful, whirlwind, extremely composed - both vocally and as a general emotion, were the "robbers" of the retinue of smugglers: the baritone
Branimir Nedkov - Dankairo, the tenor Yani Nikolov - Remendado, Lina Peeva - Mesedes, Stefka Hristozova - Frasquita. Wonderful ensembles presented the artists - every phrase sounded with metronomic precision - masterfully sculpted.
Baritone Yordan Hristozov - in the role of Sergeant Morales - presented a strong image - inscribed in the general context of the action and relations. Hristozov made his debut in the role of the performance under the open sky of Strandzha at the festival "Opera At The Sanctuary" in August of this year.
Special admiration for the orchestra - under the baton of maestro Sunai Muratov /guest/, who skilfully brought out with dynamic techniques and appropriately presented accents every important melodic line, carrier of the dramaturgy of the opera work. Both musicians and singers did not hide their pleasure from working with maestro Muratov.
The singers from
the choir - with conductor Alexander Chepanov - not only as a balanced sound, but also as an artistic presentation - "Carmen" is not only magnificent music, but also a fascinating story.
The ballet dancers also deserved a standing ovation - the whirlwind dances, choreographed by Galina Kalcheva, bring the spirit and temperament of the gypsy soul and the passion of flamenco and the characteristic dance of the bullfighters, who play on the edge between life and death - in the fight with the bulls.
The wonderful young singers from the "Milka Stoeva" Children's Choir, under the skillful leadership of Svetla Stoeva, also deserved sincere admiration, who not only performed their vocal tasks flawlessly, but were also magnificent artists!
Congratulations on the realization of one of the longest - in terms of duration, and the most complex - in terms of dramaturgy recreated through the musical text, opera - to all the artists, as well as to the specialists from the technical services, who - as a unified team, helped the overall appearance of the show with the symbolic stamp of high quality!
The tragic story of uncontrollable passion, temptation, tearing feelings - between duty and love, was told - in full voice, by the entire composition of the Burgas Opera.