20 august 2021 Exciting Concert "I love Bulgarian music" In Plovdiv

On Thursday evening / August 19 / the audience at the Bunardjika Summer Theater in Plovdiv had the chance to feel the unique atmosphere of one of the most emotional and provocative nostalgic references to the golden years of Bulgarian cinema music projects in recent years - "I love Bulgarian music ". Under the direction of maestro Levon Manukyan, the two invariably current and beloved stars of the Bulgarian pop scene - the irresistible Margarita Hranova, in an exciting tandem with one of the most complex singers - Orlin Goranov, conveyed to the audience the beautiful message that romance is alive, that our time it could be a better place if we just open our senses to goodness and beauty. And the maxim that "The world is for two" is not archaic ...
Those present at the crowded Bunardjika Summer Theater experienced the unfading beauty of popular songs from eternal Bulgarian films and timeless native hits, in each of them imprinted unforgettable emotional pieces from our childhood, the pure thrill of first love, the inevitable disappointments, and new sunrises.
Accompanied by the wonderful orchestrations and the influential voices of Margarita Hranova and Orlin Goranov - as if untouched by time, charismatic, classy, ​​the screen alternated footage from "The Boy Goes Away", "The Goat's Horn", "An Unexpected Vacation", "Men in Command" "," Forbidden for adults "," After the end of the world "and other films from the treasury of the native cinema.
And this beautiful musical and stage magic happened under the baton of maestro Levon Manukyan, in a brilliant partnership of the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas.
The concert "I love Bulgarian music" is based on an idea and script by Julia Manukyan, who has selected - with flair, intelligent approach, and skill, the footage from the Bulgarian films in the multimedia accompanying the musical part of the show. The overall perception of the show is that it has the dimensions of a musical-poetic-visual gem! The unceasing applause was deserved - for maestro Levon Manukyan, whose work is the symphony orchestration of film music,
Ivelin Dukov - piano/guest/, as well as for the whole team of Opera Burgas - for the overall sounding chord of the perfectly expressed emotion!
And the Plovdiv audience undoubtedly felt the emotional charge conveyed through the means of a musical-visual performance. Those present at the Summer Theater sang the beloved songs together with Margarita Hranova and Orlin Goranov - a unique atmosphere was created!
This experience will surely be kept for a long time in the emotional memory of the people in the audience of "I love Bulgarian music". Their reactions were spontaneous and definitely showed taste and intelligent presence.