01 april 2023 An Exciting Concert With Rachmaninoff's Vocal Music

Saturday evening, April 1st, was in the nostalgic minor key of Rachmaninov's work - with the chamber concert RACHMANINOV'S VOCAL MUSIC in the lobby of the Burgas State Opera.
Soloists of the Burgas Opera and pianist Iliana Todorova paid their deep emotional tribute to the genius of the composer, pianist and conductor, whose music reflects an immensity of feelings, melodies, harmonic combinations with an incredible charge that transports to other worlds and explores the inner universes in the human psyche.
Precisely on Rachmaninov's birthday - April 1st, vocal works of the great Russian composer, less known to the general public, but carrying the entire spectrum of his talent and sensitivity, psychology and philosophical depth, sounded in the refined space of the Opera's lobby.
Rachmaninov's music intertwines polyphonic lines in an admirably natural way, revealing a wonderful pastoral picture, resembling the contemplation of natural landscapes at dusk, when the senses are slightly defocused, but the soul's receptors are tuned to detect and absorb beauty in its purest form. .
Rachmaninov's music is delightful.
And the soloists of the State Opera - Burgas managed to recreate her beauty in a respectful and at the same time exciting way - with love, understanding, attitude and respect.
And those present at the concert were complicit in the creation of the finished aesthetic message - as an understanding, prepared, intelligent and emotionally empathetic audience.
Sopranos Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova  Lyudmila Mihailova, Nona Krastnikova, Shmilena Sultanova, mezzo-soprano Daniela Diakova, tenor Yani Nikolov, baritones Valeri Turmanov, and Yordan Hristozov, basses Diman Panchev  and Kostadin Mechkov, under the piano accompaniment of Iliana Todorova - who was in emotional-meaningful synchrony and at the professional height of the vocal performers, their symbolic adoration and respect on the occasion of the composer's 150th birthday.
Before the concert began, a recording of Rachmaninov's piano music was played in the lobby of the Opera House, performed by the composer himself - a virtuoso pianist.
The evening was opened by Delyan Slavoff, soloist of the Burgas Opera and artistic secretary, who introduced the numerous attendees, who filled the lobby to the limit, into the atmosphere of the evening.
And the concert ended with a bow - both from the performers and the audience - to the immortal genius of Rachmaninoff.
The traditional colorful greeting on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Municipality - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov was a refined accent to the festive look of the evening.
The concert program included:
"Don't sing, beauty", "Mermaid", "Here it's good", "Twilight", "I'm waiting for you", "It's noon, it's good", "Oh no, please don't go away", "Child! How beautiful is your flower", "Pora", "In silent nights", "Son", "Ya opatija odinok", "Christ is Risen!", "I was at her place", "Kavatina Aleko" ("The whole camp is sleeping") Act I, No. 10 from Op. "Aleko", "The Story of the Old Man" Act I, No. 3 from Op. Aleko
"At the neck of the holy cloisters", "Morning".

Photos: State Opera - Burgas