15 december 2023 Exciting Finale Of 2023 With The Christmas Concert At The Opera

On the eve of Christmas, a unifying symbol of the desire for more harmony - both globally and in human relations, the State Opera - Burgas has prepared an exciting musical and scenic surprise of high aesthetic value - a large-scale Christmas concert, under the baton of the doyen in the native cultural space - Yordan Dafov, winner of the "Golden Century" award of the Ministry of Culture. The esteemed conductor is among the prominent figures honored for their contribution to the development of culture and the affirmation of national identity. On December 21, Thursday, at 7 p.m. in the hall of the Burgas Opera, maestro Dafov will stand behind the console of the concert, in which the following will take part: Vladimir Meranliev, violin, orchestra, and choir - with conductor Alexander Chepanov, as well as the young talents from Detsky "Milka Stoeva" choir with conductor Svetla Stoeva. "Milka Stoeva" Choir is the bearer of the traditions of a long-standing choir school, with a series of impressive national and international performances, and has won prestigious awards over the years. Less than a month ago, the young singers from the choir school took part in the performance of the opera "Carmen" by Georges Bizet on the stage of the Opera House, during the summer season they participated in the performance of "Tosca" in the Summer Theater. They are a frequent and welcome guest in concerts and productions of the Burgas Opera - as a sign of continuity in art.

Thirteen-year-old violinist Vladimir Meranliev made his impressive debut on the stage of the Burgas Opera - at the Chamber Concert in October 2020, together with Olga Doikova /violin/ and Kostadin Koshnicharov /piano/. under the baton of Tsanislav Petkov. The talented young instrumentalist, winner of several national and international awards, impressed with his maturity and self-absorption, which was incredible for his years, and his philosophical view of the musical text of Johann Sebastian Bach in his performance of the I part of the Violin Concerto in A minor of the great pre-classicist. "For me, art is not an ordinary thing", says Vladimir, proving this with his performances, which reflect his great love and belonging to the art of music.

The program of the Christmas concert on Thursday includes works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Handel, Caesar Frank, Adolf Adam, Antonio Vivaldi, Franz Gruber, Jay Livingston, John Lennon, Pancho Vladigerov, Alexander Tekeliev, Petko Stainov, Slavil Dimitrov and others ., united in the common design, subordinated to the universal mood, which is generated by the sanctity of the coming Christmas holiday.

Festive melodies will be played in the festively decorated hall of the Opera House: Rhapsody "Vardar" and "Song" by Pancho Vladigerov, "Silent Night, Holy Night" - arrangement - Prof. Alexander Tekeliev, "Hallelujah" from the oratorio "Messiah" by Georg Friedrich Handel, "Panis Angelicus" by Cesar Franck, "Winter" from the cycle "The Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi, the songs "It's Christmas Again"; “Christmas Eve”, “Oh. Holy Night", "Feliz Navidad", "Let It Snow" "Santa Claus is coming" "Silver Bells", an orchestral piece by Georges Bizet, "Winter" by Slavil Dimitrov, "Adoramus Te" by Johann Sebastian Bach, "Adeste Fidelis ", "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, "War Is Over" by John Lennon. An inspiring finale of the holiday concert will be a real feast for the senses - on all levels: the entire huge artistic composition of the orchestra, choir, and children's choir will be complemented by the dancers of the Professional Folk Ensemble "Strandzha"-led by Mario Egov. All the artists on the stage will perform "Ruchenitsa" by Petko Stainov.

In the musical and stage extravaganza on December 21, the young violinist Vladimir Meranliev, the orchestra and choir of the Burgas Opera, the children's choir "Milka Stoeva" and the dancers from PFA "Strandja" will create the festive chords of the Christmas concert, which they will continue to give stimulus and to charge with the messages of high art.

And an intriguing fact that Yordan Dafov revealed days before the Knee concert. On March 13, 1899, the great Bulgarian composer, considered a modern classic, was born - Prof. Pancho Vladigerov. At the beginning of the coming year 2024, we will celebrate 125 years since his birth. The Burgas Opera, under the conductorship of Maestro Dafov, will have the privilege and honor of being the first to mark the landmark anniversary - before the event itself. That is why the famous conductor has chosen to perform an emblematic work of Vladiger - rhapsody "Vardar", which is the bearer of the best of the national musical traditions. In the rhapsody "Vardar" motifs from Bulgarian folk music are interwoven with a remarkable artistic power with the feeling of ancestral memory and reverence for the beauty of the Motherland.

In the blessed days before Christmas, the State Opera - Burgas wishes all fans of musical art harmony, peace, prosperity, and love - as the most philanthropic dimension of God, re-created in earthly affairs! We hope that in the upcoming year 2024, you will be an integral part of experiencing our concerts and performances, continuing to believe in the ennobling role of music