01 june 2021 Еxciting Gift For Children For The Holiday Grom Burgas Artists

Happy First of June to all children - immature and already grown up, but still carrying the miracle of childhood in their souls - with spontaneity and purity, with faith in magic in which wonderful fairies make beautiful wishes come true!
State Opera - Burgas had prepared a musical gift for its youngest fans -
the musical comedy for young and old "The Four Twins", which was presented today, the festive June 1, in the hall of the Burgas Opera.
The Opera Hall was filled to the permissible capacity of 50% - about 370 children and teachers from Sofia University "Konstantin Petkanov" in the Burgas district "Meden Rudnik" shared the emotions and messages conveyed by the artists of the Burgas Opera. Life in the hall is back, along with the incomparable thrill of presenting a show to a large audience! The mood was conveyed - from the stage of the children and their teachers, the atmosphere was built - as an emotional exchange between audience and spectators / it is known that the children's audience is the most sensitive and can not be misled! /, The magic happened - and this is the true meaning of art!
Wonderful, full of creative zeal and united - as a team, were the artists of the Burgas Opera on stage today! During the whole performance of "The Four Twins", the children in the hall reacted extremely precisely, with obviously cultivated taste and measure, polite attitude, and respect, which befits a cultural institution.
For their part, the artists presented them with a fun show, full of laughter, mood, lessons, and ... about an hour of detachment from real life and entering a beautiful fairy-tale reality, wherein their possessions are Good and Love ...
Admiration for the whole ensemble - soloists and ballet!
They presented the most exciting and meaningful gift to the youngest audience on the occasion of Children's Day!

Conductor - Jordan DAFOV
Directed by Alexander TEKELIEV
Scenography - Ivan TOKADZHIEV
Costume designer - Anna TOKADJIEVA
Dances - Galina KALCHEVA
Concertmaster - Yordan KOVACHEV
Assistant directors - Lina PEEVA, Petar TIKHOLOV
Grandmother - Rositsa VIDEVA
Belcho, Pastryo, Chernyo, Zhelcho (twin brothers) - Branimir NEDKOV
Bonka, Boncho - Vesela APOSTOLOVA
Strina Gena - Kalina POPOVA
Chorbadji Petko - Diman PANCHEV
With the participation of the ballet of the State Opera - Burgas

Photos and video: State Opera - Burgas