09 june 2022 Exciting Presentation Of "Pavel Gerdzhikov's Chamber World"

"I have always judged people by the degree of their real usefulness to the society in which they live. In it I find the personal dimensions of everyone."
Prof. Pavel Gerdzhikov

This quote from part V - "Will your heart know enough" from the book THE CHAMBER WORLD OF PAVEL GERDZHIKOV by Prof. Boryana Lambreva Boryana Lambreva, which was presented tonight in the stylish space of the lobby of the State Opera Burgas, Prof. Gerdjikov's talent - colorful, vital beyond the generally accepted concepts, carrying messages beyond the visible realities, dedicated to the mystery of spirituality adept.
Completely synchronous with his special presence tonight - performer, educator, director, and a person who is like a life-giving well of knowledge and something that is transmitted on the invisible mental-emotional tracks by the teacher to student, were the stage performances of his former graduates of the National Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Sofia, who are soloists of the Burgas Opera.
The excitement of each of them was palpable, as was the fully understandable reverence for their Master's mission. It is no coincidence that their performances were greeted with a cascade of sincere approval - the audience could not be deceived by the authenticity of the emotional charge.
And tonight she was not only numerous but also prepared - both intellectually and with a respect for the significance of the event.
Admirable in its naturalness and at the same time - respectful erudition, with the soft nuances of the female nature of the creator, was the presence of the author of the book dedicated to Prof. Pavel Gerdzhikov in his role as a chamber musician - only part of the mosaic of his creative expression.
Although only leafed through so far, apart from the author's undeniable professionalism in compiling and interpreting facts and events, the book is palpable with its warm energy, a huge charge of love, and a kind of homage to the famous person. But not coldly respectful, but as a special interaction of devotee and initiate.
The evening, which passed both tightly and smoothly - as an internal rhythm, and extremely emotionally and naturally - as a charge, was opened by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev, Director of the State Opera - Burgas. When you talk to someone with love and gratitude, you always feel it. The immense gratitude and warm feelings towards Prof. Gerdzhikov on the part of Assoc. Prof. Tekeliev was felt, as well as the symbolism of continuity.
The director of the Burgas Opera summed up that if each artist manages to "infect" at least a few people with his love for opera, he will continue to live and the most important mission will be fulfilled.
At the end of the artistic evening the students of the Professor, currently soloists of the State Opera - Burgas - tenor Yani Nikolov, baritones Branimir Nedkov Branimir Nedkov and Valeri Turmanov Valeri Turmanov, bass Delyan Slavov Delyan Slavov and Kostadin Mechkov Kostadin Mechkov and Iliana Iliana Todorova, performed by:
And Vuchella, songs by Paolo Tosti / Yani Nikolov /, "Not only the one who knew ..." by OI Tchaikovsky / Kostadin Mechkov /, "Haidushka" by Dobri Hristov / Valeri Turmanov /, "Grozdano" by Parashkev Hadjiev / Yani Nikolov /, "Shanson a boire" by Poulenc / Kostadin Mechkov /. The final performance of "Petruno" was by bass Delyan Slavov, who announced the performances, and Valeri Turmanov and mezzo-soprano Kalina Popova and Kalina Popova improvised to join the stage performance.
During the artistic evening, the changeable capricious June weather reminded of itself - through a thunderous rumble, but despite the momentary stress, it was accepted by those present as a good sign - for a spiritual awakening, perhaps ...
And we need it so much. As well as inner flame. And, as Prof. Boryana Lambreva said - "Prof. Gerdzzhikov's fire is extinguishable." And the audience woke up tonight. And charge.
Completely in accordance with the overall idea of ​​the event, audio recordings with performances by Pavel Gerdjikov himself sounded, some of them - under the piano accompaniment of Lyubomir Pipkov and Pancho Vladigerov.
The last record - "Victoria" was an emanation of the victory of the human spirit and the Good in the dualistic human nature ...
At the end of almost two hours, the traditional basket of flowers was presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov. There were flowers for the distinguished guests on behalf of the management of the Burgas Opera / for the beautiful flower arrangements credit goes to the Flower Boutique DIANA, and for all present at the cultural event State Opera - Burgas had prepared a wine greeting.

For their part, Prof. Boryana Lambreva and Prof. Pavel Gerdjikov expressed their sincere gratitude to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev, as well as to the united team of the Burgas Opera, for the organization, attitude, and wonderful atmosphere.
There was another pleasant surprise - the books were not only autographed by the author - Prof. Lambreva and Prof. Gerdzhikov but were also a gift - to dear guests and friends.
The class is reflected in such gestures. And it could not be imitated.
At such moments, Wayne Dyer's thought:
"You are not a human being with spiritual experiences.
You are a spiritual being with human experiences. ", Is very relevant ...

Photos: State Opera - Burgas
Expect a video report from the event